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Friday, September 24, 2010

Codex Orks Review. Part 2: Special Character HQ's

Time to look at the Special Characters in the Ork Codex.

Now, we covered the Mob Rule in the previous article, but we need to cover the Waaagh! Rule before we move on fully to the SC's.

The Waaagh is called in the shooting phase, usually with the owning player yelling WAAAARRRGGGHHHHH at the top of his (invariably his) voice. This grants Orks (not gretchin) fleet. Any squads that intend to use the Fleet ability roll a D6, on a 1, take a wound. Sigh.
Oh, and this is a once per game ability.
This allows you to do a once-per-game push with your boyz to get into combat.
There is some discussion over whether or not this is actually their "run" move or not. It depends on whether you do RAI or RAW or have the reading comprehension of a Squig and don't care.

Ghazghkull Mag Uruk Thraka
Rating: Godly. Makes Marneus jealous.
Jesus in Ork form
Fail Factor: Zero.

Sublty named after a particular Female British Prime Minister (resemblance much?), this uber-character is the pinnacle of CC and killy in the codex.

Lets see. Ghaz is a Mega Armor Warboss, with +1 WS, +1 Wound, +1 Attack, and a boatload of special rules as fitting as his place as The Prophet of the Waaagh!
Some backstory (as he appears in 80% of all Ork fluff). After a rough time with a bolter round to the head, Ghaz was fixed up by the Mad Dok (see below) and got some visions about uniting the Green Tide in his name and generally rap.. err, beating face.
Ghazghkull told the Orks that this was a sign from Gork that the time had come to launch a Waaagh! bigger then any seen before or since. P58, Codex Orks. He turned up on Armageddon and tore pretty much everything down, eventually fighting his new favourite rival Yarrick about 92 times, and of course, winning every time. Good on ya Ghaz. Sorry, sidetracked by fluff!
Right, rules... rules...
Oh yeah. Ghaz's immune to ID, gets +2 A on the charge instead of 1, and when a Waaagh is called he does some cool things.
How cool you say? All Runs are now 6 inches. Cool? Nah. Everyone becomes fearless for a turn. Cool? Nah
How about, for 1 game turn (that's both players), Ghaz's 2+ Save becomes 2++.
2++, the new green.
Yeah. He also comes with pretty much every possible upgrade you can think of, and so he should for 225 points. He also brings a set of Nobs as Troops. Now if we can only let the Apoc datasheet come through, and he can take a squad of Warbosses as a retinue. That would rock.

Mad Dok Grotsnik

Da Mad Dok
Rating: Tacky
Fun Factor: The Mad Dok is unhinged, unlike his brain pan
Fail Factor: High
Da Mad Dok, responsible for many delusions of Ork-List building over the years. He is also responsible for some of the craziest repairs done to Orks in the history of fluff. Filled with manic glee, the Dok danced and sang in the moonlight, grisly explosions playing counterpoint to his operatic efforts as he triggered the Nobs' explosive craniums one by one. P 59 Codex Orks.
Sounds like Kirby with authors that don't post frequently (or mess up his posting schedule... Taak).

Anyway, rules.
We have Nob Profile, WS5, true T5, 4+ Save (wow, a save!), and a 5++. Also comes with a PowerKlaw and as he is a Painboy, gives his unit FNP. How many points you say? 160? Deal!
Oh, and what is that you say? Any unit in an army with Grotsnik in it can take a 5++ for 5pt/model. Awesome.
(Rulez Git: It says "unit". A battlewagon is a "unit", as are Killa Kans. Loltastic! Before you say vehicles can't have Invunerable saves, the Megadread in IA8 does. There is precedent. Hah!)
Whats the catch. This is the Ork Dex, and everyone doesn't run the doc. Whats the catch? There has to be a catch... is it on his brain pan?

"One Scalpel Short of a Medpack" - well at least they gave it a witty name...
He is Fearless, and gives him and the squad he is with Rage. Oh, and he cannot leave that unit until he is the last member of it. Dammit. So close to having a powerhouse IC, then they ruined it with Rage.

So what does this mean, 8 point 5++ Grots with FNP. 5++ Lootas with FNP. 5++ Green Tide with FNP.
Nope. The upgrade is 5 points. A boy is 6. Just buy another boy.
Great concept, priced correctly, but doesn't work out.

Oh, and from the comments of Part 1: 30 5++ FNP boys is crudd. Sure, its hard to kill. Its also going to spend the entire game chasing 2 gundrones around your own backfield. You can't shoot at them with the Dok's squad as you have to "move as fast as possible". Great Orky idea. Bad luck, it wont work.

Wazdakka Gutsmek
Rating: Good
Fun Factor: High
Fail Factor: Average
The greatest Warbiker of them all. This guy is a Super Big Mek on bike, no forcefield, PowerKlaw, and the awesomest bike in the history of awesomesauce. WS5, T5(6), 4+ save, 4 Attacks. Noice. 180 points. Ouch.
Cool? This cool.

Wazdakka's warbike has been modified so extensively that it is far more powerful (and even cooler-looking) than a standard warbike. P60. See, even the codex says that.

Oh let me guess, you want a rules reason why it rocks? OK. Geeze! As if want proof.
When he turboboosts, you can still fire his weapons. Cool. So whats he got?
Kustom Mega Blasta (S8 AP2 Assault 1 Gets hot). Pah!
The other gun? Dakkacannon. Just with a name like that you want to fire it.
So S8. Great. AP4. OK... 24" OK...
Assault 4. Yup, Assault 4. Overpowered cheese? At BS2? Nope.

Now there is one thing that this guy does that makes him an internet favourite. He lets you take Warbiker Mobs as troops. This means you have fast, semi-reliable T4(5) troops. Great! We will cover them soon enough. No spoilers.

Old Zogwart
Rating: Pretty Crappy
Fun Factor: High
Fail Factor: High

This is the Snakebites special character. This is the Tigirius of the Orks Codex.
Welcome to... Special Character Psyker! *cue Darth Vader Theme Music*

So we remember the Ld7 Psyker from last time, well as a special character we get an upgrade!
Yup. Ld8.
So what makes us special. Well for 145 points, we have -1S (yup. minus 1, not a typo), +1T, +1 Wound, -1 I (not a typo), -1 Attack (still not a typo), no ++ and a 6+ save.
Wow. better have something worthwhile. Oh we do! We are a warphead! If you want to take an Ork psyker, take this guy. Seriously.

First. All attacks are poisoned and wound on a 2. Great.
We also get another D6 attacks at I4. Great!
We are gunna need them with 3 wounds, I2 and no save to speak of.

Second, and the real reason for picking this guy...
He has proved to be the power behind the throne of many a powerful Ork warlord, and his legend grows with every passing battle, for what Ork could fail to cheer at a story of a mighty hero reduced to squighood. P61
Yup, we turn people into squigs! Eat that! Not just "people" either, Independant Characters.
You don't have to roll for this psychic ability, you can pick ability this instead of rolling on the chart.
Choose an enemy IC within 18". Both players roll a dice. If the Ork player scores higher, the target model is replaced by a squig with the statline provided. You must provide the squig. More importantly, no wounds are lost, so no saves. Also, the new squig explicitly states it has no special rules and no wargear.
(Rulez Git: It says "the Ork player". Technically, in an Ork vs Ork matchup, you can never lose!)
Eat that Mr. Sang Priest. Bye Bye Mr TWC Lord.

All the SC's have a place in the dex. Some are crazy, some are good, some are bad, and some are... well... lets put it this way. I wrote a poem.

Ode to Zogwart

My green, electrifying friend.
Many tournaments I have ignored you.
Only once did you accompany me, and you were very effective.
We would have had Kharne, if not for the Blood God's intervention.
The God-Emporer couldn't help Sammael.
Oh how we laughed.

My dear green friend, I think you will be coming out of retirement shortly.
I am told that many of the new Marine codexes have IC's that aren't HQ's now.

Sanguinary Priests, Chaplains.
The wolves bring TWC Lords of pain and death amongst other toys.

Sure, they bring their fair share of Librarians, but the first time you squig your enemy's lynch pin super-hero will make the expense worthwhile.

*images stolen blatantly from Ein.

12 pinkments:

Lyracian said...

This one is just as funny to read as the last one.
Are you going to give army lists when you finish your review?

fester said...

Sure will. I forsee many types of lists, from the ultra-competitive to the fluffy, to the downright funny.

Do people like me quoting the codex and fluff, or should I stick to rules and stats?

Heavy D6 said...

I'm fine with you quoting the codex. It makes the reviews more interesting.

Anonymous said...

Why do you think a unit suffering from rage cannot shoot? Moving "as fast as possible" (which doesn't mean anything in game terms, but I digress...) does not mean that the unit is forced to run as well, nor does it even mean that the unit is forced to shoot, or assault, the nearest unit. Is it a liability? Sure it is, but it's often a workable one.


Snugger said...

You know, your writeup of the Orks make me want to field them once more. I tried them once a couple of games back (I only play once a month or so) but got badly pew-pewed by an imperial guard list, and promptly went back to my smurfs.

And I found your Ghaz-background funny for some reason =D

Chumbalaya said...

Orks are fun, like hella fun, I just won't bring 'em to tournies.

VT2 said...

I would. People are rarely equipped to deal with them, because they're still stuck in 4th edition.

Gx1080 said...

lol squig marine.

Black_Rose said...

Mad Doc Grotskink was pretty good against me yesterday with 19 hard boyz in a batlewagon. Giving feel no pain to a whole unit that actually have a save is nice.

Wazdakka is pretty good also making bikes become troops. A 4+ cover save all the time and T5 is pretty good deal for fast moving troops. I think he is one of the best HQ in the Ork book. He can also shoot after a turbo boost witch is pretty sweat.

GreyICE said...

Depending on how you read it (have fun arguing), Zogwarts snake attacks benefit from the 1-3 close combat ability of any ol' warphead.

Not that he's good, but Poison (2+) Power Weapon attacks are nothing to sneeze at. I field him for shits and giggles (the major reason to play orks).

Still dies really fast and doesn't do much and randomly screws you. But there are reasons to run him :P

Da Warboss said...

Apart from NOT having to run if a foe is already in assault range, you're easily free to shoot before assault with Mad Dok. Also, a lot of players are unaware of the mad dok's achilles heel. As long as you play him properly, you're not required to say "I have to run at your closest guy." Take him in a trukk with normal boyz, and also take a unit of Ard boyz and you've got survivable orks. The FAQ states you can load him in a vehicle. Thunderwolf whores are loath to get quagmired against the dok's mob (make sure you hit their flanks with the dok, not the thunderhammer scumbag in the middle. or put the doc in the back, so it takes him a bit to reach a model), giving your loota's plenty of time to gun them down as they try to avoid the mob. The same goes for any cute little 'gun drones in your backfield'. Take em out before they distract the dok too much.

Da Warboss said...

Also, You can awlays add the Dok to Snikrot's band :)

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