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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Blood Angels Terminator thoughts

You, yeah you. Get me a cookie.

I have noticed a lot of nibbles on the 3++ Chat about running FNP Termies in a BA list, and how nobody has yet come up with a way to do it.

I have decided, as I want to give the Orks a break until next week (I hope), to punch out a couple of hopefully viable 1750 lists which focus on the Terminators as primary, and then build around them to attempt to make something either unkillable, or reliable, or both.

So let's try and belt out how you would build a list on this premise.

First of all, we know that traditional Thunderbubble and Fast-n-slow are done better by Codex: SM, with Biker Troops and quantity of bodies. Let's start however, with a Thunderbubble-style as our basic starting point for a Termy list.

You will notice I am taking normal Termies over Assault Termies. The reason for this is 2-fold. Firstly, normal Termies have a threat range much larger than AssTerms when on foot. They also are often neglected by players for their functionality. Finally, they provide the primary resilient Anti-Tank fire for the army with their Cyclone Missile Launchers.

BA Fast-n-Slow 1750

Librarian (psychic powers of choice)

5 x Terminators (shooty), CML, Chainfist
10 x Terminators (shooty), 2 CML, 2 Chainfist
2 x Sang Priest, 1 Terminator Armor, 1 Jump Pack+Power Weapon

3 x 10 Jumper ASM with Dual-Melta, Power Weapon
1 x 5 Jumper ASM with Melta

Looking at this list, we are playing the Thunderbubble game with normal Termies, adding FNP. All this means is that we draw all the AP1/2 fire into our lines, and die like flies. Against anything other than those however, we should be golden.
The terminators need to do all the heavy lifting for long range fire, and 6 missiles a turn will take care of some of that, especially with 75% of return fire ignored with 2+ FNP

The Jumpers move up behind the Termies in waves, getting the 4+ Cover, 3+ armour and FNP from their own priest.

So, all right, a bit gimmicky, but might work. Needs more long range Anti-Tank I think.
So if we dropped the 10-man Termies back to 5.... and lose all the Chainfists and the Powerweapon off the Priest, we can add 2 Rifleman Dreads to trot alongside the Termies.

BA Fast-n-Slow 1750 v2

Librarian (psychic powers of choice)

5 x Terminators (shooty), CML
5 x Terminators (shooty), CML
2 x Sang Priest, 1 Terminator Armor, 1 Jump Pack

3 x 10 Jumper ASM with Dual-Melta, Power Weapon
1 x 5 Jumper ASM with Melta

2 Rifleman Dreads

Overview: 2 CML, 7 Melta, 4 TL AutoCannons, 2 FNP bubbles
Overall better, not perfect.

BA Fast-n-Slow 1750 v3


5 x Terminators (shooty), CML
10 x Terminators (shooty), 2 x CML
2 x Sang Priest, 1 Terminator Armor, 1 Jump Pack

3 x 5 Sanguinary Guard, PowerFist, Infernus

Options: As above, swap 5 Termies for 2 Rifleman if you prefer (which you probably will)

Now lets look at this list.
What we have is this: 32 FNP 2+ Saves. 1 FNP 3+ Save.
God I wish I could have made that last Priest have the same deal as Sanguinary Guard!
So, unless you are running a LasPlas Razorspam list, you probably wont be killing me any time soon.

I do point out, however, that trading the Sang Guard for the ASM means we lose a LOT of anti-tank. We pick up only a slight resiliancy though once you consider the FNP bubble on both.

Right, time for a different tack.

BA Landing Force
Let's look at a Dual-Rock landing force


2 x 5 TH/SS
2 x Power Armor Priests

3 x 10 ASM, Dual Melta (sarge's are bare)

2 StormRavens, Hurricane Bolters, Multimelta

That's pretty simple and will basically play itself, dont' you think :)

Finally, a balanced-ish list


2x5 Terminators, CML
1x3 Priests. one with Jump Pack

2x10 ASM with Dual-Meltaguns

4 MM Attack bikes Squads of 2,1,1

3x 5 Devastators, 4 ML

Overview: Thats a lot of missiles. I am sure we can make it worse by making the ASM take Razors, but the problem with this list will come with dealing with de-mech'd troops. Maybe Flamers on the ASM would work better?

Now out to you, what have you seen floating around the Intarwebs that can make Termies work in BA using the FNP bubble to basically make them immune to just about everything (except, obviously, the things they aren't immune to).

I am starting to agree with the crowd that a fully-playable BA Termie list might not happen. I will be mucking around some more to see what I can come up with though :)

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