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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Email in: pics of my Blood Rodeo

This is from Turkson who just took the Blood Rodeo to a Swedish tournament and has sent me the pictures of his army. I requested how he did in the tournament and got this as a reply as well:

"Fair enough, i´ll try and summarize:

I came in 24th out of 66 (result-lists can be found here: Swedish Tourney Results\

It is northern swedens largest tournament (and one of swedens largest, part of the national tour) and they play 2K armies with very few restrictions (duplicate units of biker nobs, seer council on jetbikes and lash of submission is banned) but they have an elaborate system of mission cards instead (could link them to you but they are in swedish so I guess its a mote point).

I won three out of my five games, against Imperial Guard, another Blood Angel list and squeezed in a tight victory against a mechanized Eldar (at the end he just mounted up and flew away from me which almost costed me the game since it was objectives).

The two losses I had were both against Space Wolves and both games were lost in a similar manner. I got bogged down in combat against Thunderwolves.

Id like to point out that I only started this army about a month ago and have only managed a handful of testgames before the tourney, so I still consider myself a rodeo-rookie and think I can chalk down alot of my losses to bad playing. The fact that I seem to get constantly bogged down agaisnt dangerous enemy units (Thunderwolves here and Bloodcrushers during gametesting) and the fact that shooty armies tend to target whatever unit my Librarians are in have made me draw this conclusion:

- Im gonna try Mephiston

Simply exchange him for the Libbys and get a-crackin. Sure he cant join units but hes a tiny model and can easily hide in the rodeo. Even if he does get targeted by shooting hes hard as nails and it means those Lascannons arent instakilling any of your bikes! And in CC he can easily plow his way through T5 nasties (normal Librarians simply dont have the staying power to deliver S10 round after round).

Ive only tried this setup one game (agaisnt my normal Daemon buddy) but it was a huge succes, with Mephy plucking a Greater Bird and then liberating my bikers from those pesky Bloodcrushers. How´s them cookies?

Good job on 3 wins, especially against IG and Mechdar. I'd be interested to know how your Terminators fared against the TWC as that is essentially what those guys are for. I'd be hesitant to use Mephiston as you lose some of the psychic power utility and although he'll always have a cover save, he'll certainly be targeted early (I'd prefer Bikes w/3++ cover :P). Mephiston certainly helps with dealing with combat units (especially high T ones like Dreads/MCs) but not sure he's the answer for Blood Rodeo. 2x S10 at I5 is very impressive + 4 Powerfists, 2 LClaws and the Terminators and mass S5 it brings.

Anyway, congrats on the win and thanks for the pics! Very nice looking army (seen below):

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