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Sunday, October 3, 2010

BroLo's Nipples

I posted a few months back about how I wanted to start a 2nd army. Being sick to the back teeth of painting black I wanted something different and fresh. Although I was tempted by Tyranids, I don't think I could have faced painting 70+ Termagants, but on seeing MattVarnish's today, maybe I made the wrong decision. Nice job Matt - that's a bloody big Tervigon.
By the title and the picture, you can all see I've gone for the BA option and I've gone for something perfect for me. Super elite, uber-melee, men with nipples on display. Okay,maybe the last bit isn't quite so cool, but you've got to love gold, man nipples? Just me? The biggest attraction was a distinct lack of stuff to paint. Probably less than 40 guys overall and no dumb tanks to paint. I think I can maybe do it in a 6 month period. Maybe.

I've already purchased the backbone of my own version of NippleHammer, 3 boxes of Sanguinary Guard and 3 boxes of Devs (one missile launcher per box! really??). I purchased them from Firestorm Games, a great FLGS in South Wales and they also do free postage worldwide for all you filthy Xenos.

Most people in the UK play at 1500, but I've noticed more and more tournies popping at 1750, so I've got to be able to adapt to both. Fitting in Dante, SG and Devs at 1500 is going to be tough, but that's the price we have to pay. I like both Kirby's and Stelek's versions, but I strongly agree with both Kirby and Chumbalaya that Sang priests are an essential part of the force. Stelek thoughts of deploying the whole list on the table, but I just don't think it's possible to get the numbers to do this at 1500 and will still be difficult at 1750.

Blood Angels - 1500

Librarian - Jump Pack - Shield, Lance - 125

Sang Priest (2) - Jump Pack, Lightning Claw - 90
- (naked) 50

Sanguinary Guard - Infernus Pistol x 2 - 220

Sanguinary Guard - Infernus Pistol x 2 - 220

Assault Marines (10) - Meltagun x 2, Meltabombs - 215

Assault Marines (10) - Meltagun x 2, Handflamer - 220

Devastators (5) - 3 x ML - 120

Devastators (5) - 3 x ML - 120

Devastators (5) - 3 x ML - 120


Not quite the regular nipple hammer, but with Dante, you can only take 3 Sanguinary Guard squads, and if you need to claim a home objective, you're pretty much screwed. For swapping out Dante and one Sang Guard squad I potentially get 3 more scoring units, a bit of ranged melta and can afford a priest for my boys back home. The JP priest and the Libby will aim to drop with the Sang Guard behind the Assault squads. One of the forward squads will be naked and attempt to provide some bubble wrap where it's needed. The Sang Guard are the hammers here, the melta squads will aim to avoid combat wherever possible. Let's hope they don't get locked.

BA 1750

Dante - 225

Librarian - Jump Pack - 125

Sang Priest (3) 2x - Jump Pack - 75 (150)
- 50
Sanguinary Guard - Infernus Pistol x 2 - 220

Sanguinary Guard - Infernus Pistol x 1 - 210

Sanguinary Guard - 200

Assault Marines (10) - Meltagun x 2 - 210

Devastators - Missile Launcher x 3 - 120

Devastators - Missile Launcher x 3 - 120

Devastators - Missile Launcher x 3 - 120


These are very early lists and need a good deal of tweaking. Any advice would be much appreciated.

To tempt you to comment I've got a couple of early piccies. (they guy on the left in the first pic doesn't look as bad in RL - honest!).

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