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Saturday, October 2, 2010

GWvsJohn playtests Centurion

This is my 2nd playtest of both my BA Jumper list (the 1750 version) and the Centurion Missions on Vassal At some point, Chumby/Kirby should post the first batrep here, but this is the 2nd vs. BroLo. He whipped up a quick 1750 list which is below. The only weaknesses I saw pre-game (both of which came up) were no smoke and a lack of psychic defense.

EC - AAC - 140

3x Dreadnought - TLLC, ML - 135

Crusader Squad (5) - Meltagun, PF - 105, Razor - TLLC - 90

2x Crusader Squad (5) - Meltagun, PF, Neophytex1 - 115, Razor - TLLC - 90

3x Speeder - MM/HF - 75

3x Pred Destructor - Las sponsons - 125

I rocked my Jumpers, tweaked slightly from the first

Libby - JP, Lance, Sword

Honor Guard - JP, 3MG

Sanguinary Guard - 1 PF

2 Sanguinary Priests - JP, LC

2x 10 Assault Marines - 2 meltaguns, PF, Infernus

2x 5 Vanguard - Glaive, PF, 4x SS

We rolled for mission 5, which has no name. Spearhead, Primary is 5 objectives, secondary is 5 chosen KP. I didn't think it would get past that. I chose his 3 dreads and the 2 RB without the EC. He chose my 2 ASM squads, my SG and my 2 SP. He won the roll and made me go first. I chose the upper left and deployed nothing, combat squadding my ASM (leaving one "empty" squad to walk on and take my home objective). His deployment below.

I did nothing turn 1, he pulled back into a nice tight little castle, so that all his vehicles moved >6" to avoid the VV autohit charge, very clever. End of BT turn 1.

Everything except the SG and the combat squad with the Libby dropped turn 1. VV dropped perfectly in front of the left pred, charged and exploded it (so much for the 6 to hit). Honor Guard dropped perfectly in front of the middle pred and 3 meltas exploded it. The blue ASM squad was able to explode the final pred with a single meltagun shot. The other VV dropped out of the speeder charge range and the green ASM with the SP dropped behind my lines to give bubble to the right half of my army. The purple ASM walked on the take and hold the objective. End of BA turn 2

BT turn 2 saw some maneuvering and his whole army let rip. Through a combination of stellar cover saves (duck and weaves lads) and poor rolling my BroLo, the sum was 2 HG and 2 of the green VV down. One dread managed to charge the HG and Dread-lock them, a common theme for this match. Sorry, no pic here.

BA turn 3 saw the Libby make a dangerous drop right into the BT lines. His Lance shot was nasty, stunning the dread, exploding the green RB and wrecking the back speeder. His squad mates meltagun blew off the Dread's lascannon. The right VV shot and charged the speeder, blowing off the flamer and stunning it. The blue ASM charged into the exposed green Templars, but forgot to use the FC granted by their thirst and fared poorly. The left VV attempt to bailout the HG but find themselves Dread-locked as well. The green ASM moved up to support and the SG dropped behind the lines, ready to add shore up any weak points. End of BA turn 3

BroLo makes a clever move in turn 3, breaking out with his blue and black RBs to try and take some objectives while his dreads lock down my army. His shooting was foiled by cover again and the green Templars continued to grind down the blue ASM. With autohits on a stunned Speeder, the VV make short work of it. Sorry, no pic again.

BA turn 4 sees the Libby attempt to stop the breakout with his lance but he only catches the rear RB in the shot. His squad charges the former occupants, but I learn that CC with the Emperor's Champion rarely goes well for the non-BT player. The Libby falls. The green ASM move up to support the left side of my army, popping the last speeder and bringing their bubble into play. The VV attempt to bail out the blue ASM and wipe out the Templars, but an overzealous attempt to drop the rightmost Dread in CC sees the VV and remaining blue squad Dread-locked as well. The SG move left, hoping to catch/stop/contest whatever the last RB is planning. End of BA turn 4

BT turn 4 sees little action. The Blue RB continues its run. The free Dread tries to engage the green ASM, but terrain and cover prevent it from doing much. The EC finishes the remnants of the Libby squad and looks for more troops to slaughter. The Dread CCs stay locked with nothing more that stuns and weapon destroyed affecting them. End of BT turn 4.

BA turn 5 sees the last hope for a BT win fade away. The SG make a glorious charge, catching and immobilizing the RB, which is the best possible result as they block all the exits, trapping the squad inside. The green ASM shoot the free Dread, but manage a shake and a weapon destroyed leaving them little choice but to charge, starting the 3rd Dread-lock. (Note, if I had known the SG were going to stop the blue RB, I would have taken out the last troop with the green ASM, but I didn't know it at the time and the Dread was a bigger threat). End of BA turn 5

The BT take the only option they have left on turn 5. The EC splits off to try and eliminate the BA locked with the Dread on the lower right objective. The last initiate (since the guy trapped in the RB are effectively dead at this point) slinks up behind him, hoping to steal the objective turn 6. The SG autohit and wreck the RB, forcing an emergency disembark. (BroLo and I discussed the RAW vs RAI of the emergency disembark rule. As it stands, emergency is better than standard for a wreck result. We both felt the intention was to autopin the squad next turn and played it as such). The EC does what he does, killing the VV and forcing a "fearless" wound onto the HG. The green squad amazingly explodes the Dread they were fighting. End of BT turn 5

Finish him. The purple squad moves up to unquestionably claim the objective. The SG easily wipe out the blue Templar squad. The now freed green ASM take down the last BT troop, ending the game. For completeness, we finish the turn, the right dread stays locked and the EC eliminates the HG. End of BA turn 6

I now have 1 objective which BroLo has no way of contesting and he has no troops. Centurion is a W/L tourney so it's over. Despite the near tabling, it was a very close game. If that last Dread had held, he would have managed a draw on primary objectives. I was up 2-1 on secondary objectives, but the EC might have killed an SP or the last blue ASM making that 2-2. I guess I would have won 1 or 2 to 0 on tertiary objectives, but that's a close game in my book.

Some thoughts, first for BroLo. For a thrown together list, it's solid. We discussed a few tweaks, dropping some gear and a speeder to add smoke and a BC with a hood. With those changes I think it's a very competitive 1750 tourney list. As far as game play, if he had sent his 3 speeders out to kill my purple squad (or even better DS them) he would have had a better shot. Otherwise he played well despite some poor rolling. He also needs to respect the Lance more.

For me, after 2 games, I've learned a lot. BA Jumpers is a very competitive list and using a full DS army takes practice. One thing to be careful about is Dreads. All your AT is 12" range meaning if you dont drop the Dread, it charges you. And we all know how effective power fists are at dropping dreads (see Orks, Nobz) If a smart opponent has Dreads and protects them from your Beta strike (like BroLo did), you can easily find yourself in trouble.

I'd love to hear any thoughts, comments.

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