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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Codex Orks Review. Part 6c, Heavy Support: Walkers

So we draw to the close of our review with a look into the 2 walker entries in the HS Slots. For those of you who don't know what I am talking about, we are looking at the Deff Dread, and the cranky little brother, Killa Kans.

Now for a brief overview of these guys before we go forth into the whole rundown (and as some filler before the break), I want to bring you an idea of why these 2 unit choices are bundled together (apart from the obvious, that they are Heavy Support).

Page 52.
Some Meks become obsessed with making the stompiest war machines ever known to the Ork race. They daydream about deading hordes of Killa Kans and Deff Dreads into battle, and army of walked just as numerous as the hordes of Boyz their Warboss rivals lead into battle.

Deff Dread
Rating: Choppy
Looted Carnifex!
Fun Factor: Fair
Fail Factor: Fair
So Deff Dreads. 12/12/10, 3 Attacks base. It clocks in at 75 points, which isn't unreasonable.
They come with 2 (thats right, 2) DCCWs.
You then have to bolt another 2 arms onto it.
Big Shoota, Rokkit, Kustom Mega Blasta (S8 AP2), Skorcha (Heavy flamer), DCCW
So you can kit this baby out with 4, count 'em, FOUR DCCW's for 6 attacks on the charge. Nice.
You can also give him Grot Riggers to fix those inevitable immobilised results on your CC monster, and armour plates to keep him moving.
This means, basically, the most expensive Dread you can make is a princely 120 points.
You can run a dual-Skorcha Dread for 85.
Now I just have to point this out explicitly, as it matters.
This is an Ork vehicle. Unlike others, 2 Rokkits on a Dread is not a Twin-Linked Rokkit, its 2 shots.
You still miss, but hey, you need to have some things spelled out for you.
Dreads are piloted by Orks (hence BS2 shooting) and basically its the next best thing to your own Mega Armour. However, they soon find out that the disadvantage of being permanently wired into an enclosed metal can is being permanently wired into an enclosed metal can. P 52
Still, a Deff Dread's pilot will take any opportunity to show off his new metal body, if only to make him feel better about the fact he has to eat his meals through a straw.
Cheap and cheerful: Dual Skorcha. (85pts)
Choppy and Nasty: Quad-DCCW (105 pts)
Thats basically all I have ever seen on the field, and mainly only the latter.
Killa Kan
Rating: Choppy AND Shooty
Fun Factor: Good
Fail Factor: Low
What could I do to make a Deff Dread better...
I know, make it have BS3, and come 3 to a slot! That'd be cool.
Oh hang, that's Killa Kans in a nutshell.
These lads have BS3, but only Rhino AV - 11/11/10. Oh well.
As they are Grots in the fluff now, we get that mythical shooting ability.
Once the Grot pilot is in place he will often wreak his revenge on those who have bullied him the past, smashing into their homestead in the night with a terrible shriek or stomping them into a bloody smear in front of their mates. The Meks and Painboyz responsible for the Grot's "upgrade" look on these spectacles with a kind of paternal pride before leading the rogue Kan back to its pen. P 53
To sweeten the deal, cheap-as-chips at 35 pts base and come with 3 to a FOC slot.
That's 9 if you are a spammer!
Right, so similar to the Deff Dread, they come with DCCW, but only 1. This means A2 Base. The downside of being a Grot though, is WS2 vs the Dread's 4. You hit most things on a 4+ still, but when you meet that one guy with WS5...
Anyway, upgrades.
You must take 1 of the following:
Big Shoota, Rokkit, Kustom Mega Blasta (S8 AP2), Skorcha (Heavy flamer), Grotzooka
Hey? Grotzooka, new weapon in the last post. You tricksy fester.
S6 AP5. Nice. Woah, let me finish. Heavy 2. Nice. Dammit, let me finish. Small Blast.
S6 AP5 Heavy 2 Blast. So a squadron of Kans does what, 6 S6 AP5 shots?

You can also give him Grot Riggers to fix those inevitable immobilised results on your CC monster, and armour plates to keep him moving, which would be all kinds of STOOPID as you are in a squadron and get these for free, or explode on immobilised!

So kitout:
There's only really 2 options.
All Rokkits, for a moving firebase
All GrotZookas for wrecking infantry
Never, ever, ever, put 2, or 3 different weapons into a Kan Squad
I see people doing that stupid ALL the time. Why? Why why why why why.

This brings us to the close of the Review. We are now going to move onto some of the main army builds, how to win with them, and how to beat them, and we will (god forbid) try to crack the ultimate Ork list, looking at what we know from other Codices and army builds.

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