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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Dark Eldar thoughts and Venom analysis

Well internets, I'm already fighting against you and your lack of understanding. I swear it's a never-ending battle. First things first, DE are not going to break the game nor are they going to suck. They, like the rest of the 5th edition codecies, are going to bring new balanced armies to the table which you will have to deal with. If you haven't caught onto suppression fire yet (you know, lot's of medium strength and high rate of fire weapons), well now's the time to catch on. Just like Tyranids said get in your bloody metal bawks (transports) unless you can punch face good, are mobile without them and are survivable, DE are saying shoot us down or simply die. It's another codex which is a move away from super units and posers and places emphasis on MSU and duality. It's like 5th edition is tactical or something.

So this isn't a review, just like when BA came out I put my initial thoughts down in a post to get the pot stewing, and just like when BA was released (and every other codex ever; even before there was an internet! the internet whined) the internet is whining both for and against the DE codex and there is very little "oh hey, this is a good book." It's got options, lots of options and there aren't many which are terrible choices. When you've got a potential 4 different Troop choices all of which are capable and bring something else to the table, you've got options and there are at least 3 options per slot even when the Troops are changed. Yes please. Add in a massive amount of customisation on mini-characters and characters plus the new pain system and you've got a codex which might actually take cognitive functioning to work out.

So, in case you haven't noticed I believe the DE codex will fit very well into what 5th edition is. None of this "metagame changing" crap or "they need first turn or they lose" and 320 points of fail units. DE fit into 5th edition and whilst there will be some minor sideways adjustments for some armies (get rid of your Land Raiders lol), the only armies which are going to need to majorly change are ones that weren't too good in 5th edition anyway (static gunlines I'm looking at you). Dark Eldar will not be a forgiving army though. Whilst the internet loves to call Eldar and DE 'finese' armies it's a lot simpler. You either understand how your army works, and I mean really understand, or you go home. Tau and Orks (lol what right?) are finese armies in that if you make a mistake and lose the board control or initiative, it's very hard to gain it back. DE get more powerful as the game goes on (assuming pain tokens build up) and can very easily shake and bake their whole army (36" bitch!). Whilst they are fragile and you need to know what the army is doing (i.e. take net lists and practice so much your ears bleed or just make your own :P) you don't need to wander around talking about how they change the metagame and are a finese army which relies on alpha strikes. I and many others will stab you with our pointy models.

Well, glad I got that off my chest =D. I hate internets and forums. Let's now take a look at the much maligned DE Venom. Ya I know it's odd to do a analysis of something before the codex is released but most of you should have advance copies or have been down to your local store to have a perve so stuff it. Add in this is probably the most misunderstood unit from the codex (i.e. the internet hates it) and well I felt obligied to take a peek.

Before we even start with the Venom let's look at a Vyper. Same AV and vehicle status with two gun options but no transport capacity. For 70 points you get 7 S6 shots (60 points 6 S6 shots) and is one of the better torrenters in the game if fragile. S6 gives it great anti-infantry and light mech utility and excellent suppression fire. Enter the Venom. For 65 points you get a small transport capacity, BS4 (one more than Eldar), a 5++, night vision and 12 poison shots at range 36". I think that's pretty self-explanatory and whilst the poison shots do jack diddly against armor, you've got Dark Lances and Blasters inside open-topped transports (duality) and it is a far more effective anti-infantry platform than the Vyper and thanks to the flickfield, is more survivable. Ya, AV10 open-topped is weak, it's part of the DE codex. Raiders are AV10 open-topped too Mr. Internets but you seem to love them. What the Venom gives you is some amazing anti-infantry at extensive range and the ability to pack in crack squads (Trueborn with Blasters), mini-assault squads (Incubi, Bloodbrides, etc.) or MSU scoring ability (Kabalite) whilst staying amazing mobile. What more do you want?

Anyway, with both of those out of the way I feel much Once the DE codex is officially released I will be doing some Armies in 5th articles on them and until then I believe GWvsJohn will continue to preview & review them and perhaps do a full codex review upon release. Until then, stay spikey!

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