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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Email in: 1.5k SM "fluffy" list

"Greetings from Germany!

First things first, great blog!

I am planning a themed SM-Army. With the release of the new Fantasy Highelfs White Lions I thought of a Space Marine Army with a "lion-theme". They are supposed to be Hunters and a bit babaric. Not as much as Space Puppies, more like the White Scars Chapter. So there should be a decent CC element. I want a competitive list with room for fluffy stuff that gives me the possibility to unleash mad converting skills. Since I am still in the planing phase, I am open to ANY kind of criticism. I am not entirely sold to any of the components of the list.

So here is my list:

Captain - That sweet new Astral Claws Model from Forgeworld 150
(TDA, Powerclaw, Combi-Flamer)
Librarian 100
(Nullzone, Force Dome (?), he goes with the Command Squad)
Command Squad 270
(4x Powerclaw, 4x Stormshield, Rhino)

Hammernators x5 200

Tactical Squad 205
(MM, Flamer, Rhino)
Tactical Squad 205
(MM, Flamer, Rhino)

Landspeeder 70
(MM, HF)
Landspeeder 70
(MM, HF)
Landspeeder 60 (deep striking)

Dakka Pred 85
Dakka Pred 85

The Captain and the Command Squad are the two units I allowed myself to represent unique units. At first, I was thinking about adding Khan or Vukan instead of the Captain, but I think neither of them would fit into this list. When I upgrade to 1750; I think I`ll just add a Raider fot the termies.

Thanks in advance,

The only thing which jumps out as un-optimal in this list is the Command squad but it can represent some fluff nicely. I might change the wargear up a little bit (i.e. give one a TH or PFist, add some mbombs and meltaguns [especially these], etc.) but aren't super terrible. The TH/SS Terminators fit the bill much better so if you weren't sold on using them, dropping the Command squad and upping the Captain to Vulkan makes this a much more potent force. As you go up point levels or use spare points I'd stay away from the Land Raider though, single Raiders aren't too flashy. Rather buy more TH/SS (especially if you drop the Command squad), Dreadnoughts (2x TL AC do well here since you've got the hammer unit), Speeders or Attack Bikes, Tactical Squads (you've got 2 large squads so LasPlas Rback squads are an option or instead of dreads get some Sternguard) and a final Pred and you'll basically have a Thunderbubble variant.

Again, if you want to keep the Command squad you can. The list won't be as effective as if they were more Terminators or points elsewhere but it is a nice themed unit.

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