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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Email in: 1750 Salamanders

"Hey Kirby, after one of my friends totally upping his game thanks to your awesome blog and reply to his list (Caz, Blood angel mech), I wondered if I'd be able to get your expertise.

My list is pretty similar to your vanilla mech list you have been thinking about for centurion, which was one of my 3 votes I must add.

Anyway here it is:

Vulkan - 190
5 th&ss terminators - 200
LRR, extra armour, mm - 265

10 man tactical, p.fist, m, mm - 200
Rhino - 35
10 man tactical, p.fist, m, mm - 200
Rhino - 35
5 man tactical, combi-m - 100
Razorback, TLAC - 75

Landspeeder, hf, mm - 70
Landspeeder, hf, mm - 70
Landspeeder, hf, mm - 7

Predator, ac, las-sponsons - 120
Predator, ac, las-sponsons - 120

Now I know I can shave off such as the powerfists if I need the points.

I also see a lot of people going flamer/ multi-melta rather than melta/ multi-melta.

Also las-plas is nice but in my list the assault cannons seemed more worthwhile.

Lastly, I love those ac/lc predators, I used to take dakka style ones but the heavybolters were rarely as relevant for me.

So my problems with the list is where I guess I'd like some insight and advice.

Other Marine armies are a pretty good match up for me, especially thanks to ac/lc predators.

My most recent loses have come from fatecrusher (but I'm 2-1 vs that) and what is my biggest loss in a good long time IG (mech and mech with blob).

So any advice would be awesome. I also notice your love for the rifleman dreads but wonder if they're always top priority to squeeze in.

Cheers- Ben
Hey Ben, sorry this took a while to get to. Silly thesis. Glad your friend has improved! Upping the game for everyone makes for a more enjoyable experience IMO. So to your list, I'm going to recommend essentially moving it towards the Thunderbubble styled list which is basically Mech marines with TH/SS terminators. Why? Single Raiders are easy to block, stop, neutralise, etc. and double raiders just doesn't work at 1750 points as you lack support. So what we'll do is simply drop the Redeemer and you've got a bunch of points to work with. I'll disagree with your choice of TLAC as a single AC doesn't really add much firepower but if you want to use it that's fine ^^. We aren't too totalitarian here...
The PFists on the Tac squads need to go. I'd add a combi-flamer to each of the squads to get some more anti-infantry in there and with the extra points grab some Dreads. You can go for either Riflemen (4 TL S7 shots is hard to pass up) or MM Dreads but with the Terminators you don't really need combat support so I'd lean towards the Rifledreads. ACLC Preds are fantastic can openers but are very static so you'll have to accept that when using them (though it sounds like you already have). Any extra points can go into HKMs or extra Terminators but that should be pretty close to 1750 anyway.

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