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Friday, October 22, 2010

Email in: DoW Tips


A little discussion of deployment strategy for the Dawn of War mission would be much appreciated as an article.



Well I'm super swamped atm so will leave this basically as a discussion post for everyone in the comments. My 2c quickly. Depends massively on your army. Horde Orks will be quite happy to plunk down to 30 man Boy squads and a Big Mek or Warboss 24" in to really hamper opponents. Deploying first against this type of army and you should therefore deploy a sacrificial unit as far forward as possible to push them back, etc. Quite often though I see DoW setups as objective campers like Rangers, Scouts, Infantry Blobs, etc start on the board and little else. Most things move on first turn as fast as possible taking advantage of night fight (unless against armies like Tau then start chucking in some smokes) and getting into the best possible position for Turn 2.

Screwing this up can hand the initiative to your opponent as they can get in early shots and disrupt your movement but generally for most armies it's simply pushing the game back a single turn. That's very, very simplified so don't attack it :P.

Let's hear what others have to say and perhaps DMZ can pinpoint some armies and match-ups he'd like to discuss.

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