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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Email in: Fire Dragon Heavy Flamer?

"Hey, been reading the blog for a few months now. Very insightful and smart tactics and lists. Much less abrasive than other blogs of that nature... subtle ^^

Anyways, in a few weeks I will be taking my Eldar to a tourney, and was wondering your thoughts on a possible change to my list.

The list I have written up has 2 pts sitting around, so I was thinking of dropping a Shuriken Cannon off of a BL WS that will be babysitting my warwalkers most of the game, with farseer inside, or a FP, as it will be hanging back for a good amount of the game as well, and trading in one of my two dragon squad's 6th meltagun for a exarch with Dragons Breath flamer.

A quick overview of the list (1500):

Farseer w/ guide and fortune
2x6 dragons in WS
5 rangers
3 JB
5 DA in WS
2 vypers
2 FP
3 WW w/ lasers

So my thought was, while I do have a boat load of S6, whith everything toting a SC or SL, my genuine anti-horde/cover busting ability is lacking, with no destructor warlocks (as I normally run my jb seer council at higher pts). Now, I know that the HFlamer does split the functionality of the unit, but I think that dragons suffer from the occasional lack of viable target-say all the chimeras within 12" are blown up, but 10 vets with meltas are right there, ready to slag the WS that dropped the dragons off.

So, is this a worthwhile investement, or is splitting functionality in a squad that is so one-dimensional a bad thing? Additionally, is it worth dropping a backfield SC for?


Glad you enjoy the blog Alex. In regards to using DBF on Dragons, it's fine but I generally take them as "oh I've got points spare" upgrades. They are good and can certainly help Fire Dragons be useful against a lot more lists and more longer, but 90% of the time they need as many meltaguns as possible. For that reason I generally would run 5 Dragons and if you've got the points spare start adding in a DBF Exarch (so 6 total). It is a split in functionality for Eldar but what Eldar need is more things like this. Little upgrades which don't make the unit great against what they don't specialise against but they aren't useless either (i.e. rending on banshees does nothing against infantry but allows them to actually damage Dreads).

So, I wouldn't really want to drop anything in your list for DBFs but I will suggest some changes (which you can ignore as I know you didn't ask for a list review :P). At 1500 points you don't have much scoring power. Ya the DAVU and Rangers are nice but any flamer which looks sideways at the Rangers gets rid of them and the GJB are basically 66 points of "hope they stay off long enough." For that reason I'd drop the GJB and Vypers to get another DAVU serpent (also what are your Serpents and Prism running? Chin cannons I hope!). If the Farseer doesn't have Runes of Warding, get them. Spirit Stones would be nice to but not that necessary (cast Guide first turn or on Walkers otherwise just cast Doom). This reduces your saturation somewhat but improves the overall strength of the army I feel. Any spare points can go into DBFs if you like but don't really need it with all the S6 + Prisms. Again, it's a nice little "here, have a AP4 template" in a tank hunting unit. I know you didn't ask for a list request but thought I'd chuck my 2c in, to the overall question of needing a DBF though I don't think this list does as you've got the S6 + prisms to cover it.

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