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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Playtesters needed!

I'm doing a shout-out for a couple of tournaments a) because they deserve it, b) I'm busy and this is easy and c) no guest posts :P. So here's an e-mail from Tim over at Bugeater gaming:

"Hello everyone,

I have the alpha version of the 40k missions packet for the Bugeater GT, and I want to build a list of people willing to playtest the missions and send me feedback. If you are familiar with the missions packet used for the NOVA Open, these missions are very similar except there are six instead of four since everyone is guaranteed six rounds if they go to the tournament.

Email me at if you're interested, and I'll send you the missions along with what information I need to get back from you.


Loriness and fester are also running NOVA styled tournaments in Australia and I'm sure fester would love more playtesters for the Centurion missions (according to fester, Loriness is using the Centurion missions, too). The more playtesting, the better these tournaments will be and you guys get games in with (IMO) very good mission setups.

I'm sure Loriness and fester will put up their emails here for you to send in results (and hopefully Loriness will provide us with more info on his tournament in general) or you can send me an email and I can pass on any information and everyone can consider this a shout-out for these tournaments. I'm a strong supporter of the system Mike has created and would love to see more of these tournaments world-wide (and specifically in Australia) and I hope to go to both Loriness' and fester's tournaments. Help them out please!

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