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Monday, October 18, 2010

Email in: Fwd: thoughts for my daemons?

"Hello Kirby,

I like your articles, especially army comments.

I'm relatively newcomer to daemos. and my core composition on 1800pts is:

4x Herald of Tzeentch, chariot, bolt, we are legion, master of sorcery
3x 4 flamers of tzeentch
2x 4 screamers
2x 5 plaguebearers
2x 5 pink horrors, one unit with bolt
2x daemon prince, mark of tzeentch, bolt, daemonic gaze
Soulgrinder, phlegm

On 1750pts I'll drop one screamers unit (propably)

Army is designed as anti meq and light vehicle which can be utilized on ETC like tournaments.

My units stragegy:

Heralds and Daemon Princes, Soulgrinder
This units provides miidle range fire support.Deal with light vehicles and meq units - "And They Shall Know No Armor save". This units will charge only if necessarily, or when can assault undestroyed vehicle after firing.

Pink horrors
As disturbing factor, and light infantry killers

Only one stuff which can deal with land raiders, but still good aganist light vehicles. If oponent have not any vehlicles, then counts as disturbing factor.

Suicide units. Usually drops close to enemy as possible and use breath of chaos.Primary targets are devastators, lootas, long fangs and similar shooty units, usually sits in cover. Four flamers is little bit expensive for suicide unit, but with this number I can use 3 flamer teplates after they arrives via deep strikes (three man units means only two templates, becouse I have to make circle about first model)

Surprisingly objective sitters :)

I know, mix of DP and Grinders is not good idea, but Grinder can stop some dangerous units, like outflanking scouts, kommandos or hard to kill units for rest of my army, like Ogryns... 

I don't use fiends/crushers becouse I haven't enough models which are too expensive for me and my play tests with their proxies were inconclusive.

I have 13 games with that or very similar list. I win 8 games (three wipes), 4 tied and 1 lose. 

My presumption was been thath army have problems with hard close combat and horde armies. Only one loose aganist Orks. Tied games aganist Tyranids, 2xSW, Termies SM, usually anihilation scenario.

Can you give me some tips, hints, thought?

Jirka - Czech Republic 40k player :) "

Well you've highlighted the two areas I'd changed :P. The single Soulgrinder and the Flamers instead of Fiends. The Soulgrinder will get spanked by any anti-tank as it's the only vehicle out there. If you're gonna use them I'd use three at least otherwise DPs provide combat goodness and ranged goodness on a more reliable platform (with a much smaller footprint). Buying Fiends can be expensive but if you can build up to using them instead of Flamers I would highly recommend it. Fiends provide you with a lot more mobility, some anti-tank in combat and excellent anti-infantry. Flamers are great suicide units and nothing more really, especially since they are so easy to kill and if they scatter out of range, well meh.

Sounds like you've been having good success with it though (but ETC is meh format :P). If you don't want the Fiends I'd at least aim for swapping out the Grinder and perhaps using the extra points to shore up your Troops (another Horror squad?).

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