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Friday, October 1, 2010

Email in: Nids vs Daemons, Big trouble, little tactics

"3+ Crew,

I am a big fan of your tyranid articles and while most of the internet loves to hate them, I have been very successful with them. I think a lot of the lists and tactics here are really helpful, but I have run into one problem - Daemons.

They seem like the anti-nids to me. All the power weapons, MCs with invuls, Tzeench Prince/ fateweaver shooting and damned blood crushers seem to rough to deal with.

I have tried to meet them on the field, but keep getting outmatched in combat. I run take all comers lists and so do my opponents, but even when I run my shooty lists, it seems the shots roll off of them before they get to beat me down or I end up flying away from them the whole game.

I am sure it all comes down to tactics as daemons are very different from the average vehicles and troop options you face when fighting other armies. The two daemon builds I have trouble with are Fatecrusher variants and the 4 chariot of tzeentch armies.

How would you build a solid take all comers when you have a healthy spread of Marines and Guard, while paying attention to very competitive daemon players. What tactics are involved in fighting daemons as tyranids with such a list.

It's so 3++. Daemons are one of those funny armies. The wreck foot armies, even good foot armies like Tyranids, Jumpers, Space Wolves, Bikes, etc. unless they can deal high T in combat and withstand hits. Tyranids have MCs, Jumpers take LClaws/PFists, Space Wolves have TWC, Bikes have command squads, etc. but unless the list has a hammer, things will die in combat to Fiends, Bloodletters, Daemon Princes, Soulgrinders, etc. As explained here for foot BA lists, you have to pick your fights and ensure you win them. Focus fire on a squad until it's gone and defend against counter-attacks with a sacrifical squad. For Tyranids this should be pretty easy if you have Tervigons. Poop out a squad to protect yourself and then wipe 1-2 squads off the board. Don't be afraid to throw your important MCs into combat even though Daemons still get a save. Those extra wounds on top of the gribblie attacks can shift the balance and be very careful not to multi-assault and lose. Fearless sucks.
For Tyranids I would personally just run my list (linked 1750 sample; although both Tervis have Onslaught for the cost of 1 Ravener). You've got the firepower to take out MCs and the combat potential in Raveners, Hive Tyrant, Gants + back-up MCs to swamp whatever you need to. Especially against Fateweaver, take him down first. 6 Hive Guard and 2 T-Fexes should drop him pretty early and make sure your gants cannot be multi-charged easily but spread out so your opponent is forced to deep-strike further away.
Does all of that help a bit? Battle-reports with pictures would be really easy to point out where you can improve, etc. 

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