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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

fester's New Project: Horus and the Posse

Ironically, Brolo beat me to this hobby post by throwing up some images by like, oh, 25 minutes. This went up on my blog last night, just as Brolo threw up his Hobby Post. As I am an author, I am going to circumvent the hobby post thingy and ruin the trend for him!

I have decided to do a themed BA Footspam list for some of the softer tournaments I attend next year.

Fluff Alert:

The army is based on Horus and 20 of his Justaerin Terminators attempting to enter a palace on a forgotten planet.

The planet would be conquered in the Warmaster's name, and in order to show his true supremacy, Horus would lead the final push across the courtyard into the gates, flanked by his trusty Black Guard. The chaos gods have already infiltrated the palace with  daemons. The remnants of two Sons of Horus Devastator squads are providing fire support to open the gates to complete the taking of the palace. Finally, two honoured Standard Bearers are in attendance to witness the victory and to show the enemy the Warmaster himself approaches.

Farfetched? Yeah.
Good fluff? Nah.

So, the list is as follows: (remember this is also going to be used exclusively in a comp'd environment, so it's a little softer than you may expect on 3++).
fester's BA Footspam, 1750
Captain, Terminator Armour. Warmaster Horus or Abaddon depending on modelling tangent

2 Sanguinary Priests. Standard Bearers
10 Terminators, Cyclone Missile Launchers x2 10 Terminators, Cyclone Missile Launchers x2 Justaerin Terminators
10 Terminators, Cyclone Missile Launchers x2 10 Terminators, Cyclone Missile Launchers x2 Justaerin Terminators

8 Scouts
8 Scouts
8 Scouts

5 Devastators, 3 Missile Launchers
5 Devastators, 3 Missile Launchers

I am considering doing a "True-Scale" Power Armored Captain with Stormbolter and P, saving the points and beefing the "scouts" out to 10,10,5 or something similar. Thoughts?

So why are you telling me this, you say?
Well here are the test models for the army:


Scouts Bloodletters
These guys are the troops, and are in groups of 8 for 2 reasons.
Firstly, old skool Chaos fluff, and secondly, because 10,10,5 is 5 points out of my points range!

Group hug with 2 Devastators, to show colour synergy and an idea of what the Devastators will look like.

A sample of a full squad of Tactical Marines from the more battleforce section of my army (Aka the rest of it).

Finally, once my Terminator Horde turns up (another 15 on the boat as we speak), I will put up a full how-to on the Pre-Heresy Terminator armor, as well as a how to on all the paint jobs (if people want me to).

My painjob is the ultimate 20 minute job, and once you try it, there will be no reason to ever have an unpainted army.

If you want a spoiler on the Sons of Horus (green) paint job, and to check out some of my other marines, you can go and have a butcher's at this: linky

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