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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Centurion: Update and Day 2 Shenanigans

G'day Pinkies. fester again.
Just a quick update on a few things that I feel might be interesting.

Today we hit 30 of 64 players. Wooo... you say. Well, the event is still 4 months out, and this is the first time it has been run. On top of that, the yearly RTT tops out at about 34, so this is actually a spectacular number.

On top of that, I know of at least 4 carloads of supposed travellers coming who haven't actually given me names. Should be great!

Anyway, Day 2 shenanigans.

Taak here started talking about his Gladiator list, and as I promised I wouldn't change anything on him...
I am changing the rules, a little.

So to reiterate, from Taak's post - rules are as follows:

Armies are no more than 400 points.
You must have one Troops choice.
You may have one HQ choice, but no more then one.
You may spend remaining points from anywhere in the Codex.
No models can have more then 2 Wounds.
No special characters.
No 2+ saves.
No vehicles witha total Armour Value greater than 33. This is calculated by adding the Front, Side, and rear armour (only count the side once).
No ordnance weapons.
Games are played using the Combat patrol mission.
The combat Patrol mission should ideally be played on a 4' x 4' area.

To this mess I am adding something that VIC5 in the chatbawks mentioned. This weekend he is playing in a FLGS RTT called the Genestealer (something-or-other) at BW Burnaby, Vancouver, Canadia.

The gist of this is simple... when you beat an army you can choose a army wide USR to steal and add to your own.
Orks with ATSKNF ?
Nids with WBB?
Oh, if you play your own army (say BA v BA) you can get +1 stat to anything for the whole army.

 Yeah, so are you seeing broken yet? I am. Seeing hell-fun though? Yeah :)

So I want to tweak this, and give each race say 2 options to choose from, and limit it to only 1 "power up" at a time... For instance:

Your army gains WBB on a 5+
Any Rapid Fire or Assault weapon gains the Gauss special rule
Your army can add +1 stat to anything except Save and Wounds.

So I wanto flesh this out... Suggestions? You can't make the ability more powerful than the original armies - i.e. all units gain FNP from a BA list... but you can make it specific.. for instance:
All Independant characters gain the ability to issue orders
All Independant characters project a 6" FNP bubble.

Many of the armies are obvious:
SM: ATSKNF, Power of the Machine Spirit is applied to one vehicle, +1 stat
BA: All Independant characters project a 6" FNP bubble. Red Thirst
Orks: Waaagh, Mob Rule
IG: All Independant characters gain the ability to issue order: Take It Down. All Independant characters gain the ability to issue order: FRFSRF (on rapid fire weapons)
Witchhunters: 5+ save vs psychic powers. Choose 1 squad, roll over squad size and their saves are invunerable this player turn.
Wolves: CounterAttack, One squad can split fire
Nids: Any deepstrikers wont scatter when deep striking into terrain. Any failed Morale tests will make your squad run to the nearest area terrain.
Tau: When your HQ dies your army takes a leadership test, if you pass everyone gets FC. Jump Troops become Jetpacks
Dark Eldar: Fleet, IC's gain Power from Pain and ability to move pain tokens
Necrons: WBB on a 5+. Any Rapid Fire or Assault weapon gains the Gauss special rule
GK: ??? Will depend on new codex
BT: ???
Eldar: ???
Dark Angels: ???
Chaos Daemons: Daemonic deployment rules. All models may swap their normal save for a 5+ invunerable.

Anywho, thoughts, ideas, abuse... all welcome.

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