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Monday, November 1, 2010

Email in: BA in Cities of Death

"Heya Kirby!

Pablo here, from Spain.

First of all, congratz on the blog. It's quite hard to find one with such quantity of content, and articles I do enjoy reading. Much bigger congratz on finishing writing your thesis. I'm about to start that myself and alread pretty scared.

Anyway, to the point.

My college club is just about to start a Cities of Death campaign with experience system (a la Mordheim/Bloodbowl), and I've chosen my recently started BA to play with. We start with 1500 points to buy whatever units/gear we want, but then, from that pool, we have to be able to field a valid roster, from sizes ranging to 500 to 2000 (we'll earn more points with which to increase the army as this plays along).

I don't like mech armies a lot (think it's the looks :S), so I stumbled upon this blog looking for opinion on BA all jumper armies. I've been reading and re-reading your various articles and lists on the subject, and I recall you recommending this from 1500 points onwards. Our first games, however, will be more on the 1000-1250 range, so I'd like to know your opinion on this scaled down list. I've tried to keep the key elements (honor guard, ASM, VV, sang priest), but instead of double meltas on the ASM, have decided on some flamers for the omnipresent cover.

In any case, the real question: Do you think this army is playable in the crowded Cities of Death table, due to the DS scatter? Do you think I can tone down on the melta spam considering that none of my friends will play full mech? (1k points, one chimera and a couple tanks is the usual for IG, for example). My generic list, which can be tailored a lil bit for whatever the opponent is, would be:

Librarian, jump pack, Lance, Unleashed rage
Honor guard, 3x melta, jump packs

Sang priest, jump packs

5 ASM, melta
10 ASM, pow fist, flamer, melta

5 Vanguard Vets, Encarmine, Pow Fist, 4 Storm shield

25 marines seems enough for me, I'm just worried about the deployment. Against tyra, I would probably change the 2 ASM meltas for flamers. Also, probably the Vang Vets load out is too heavy for this point size...

Well, thanks a lot for reading up to here, and in case you don't have much time, just a quick reply will be wonderful.

Thanks again,

PD: To give something back, if you still need some surveys filled (probably not, but just in case), I'd love to help with that. "

Thanks for the congrats and goodluck on your own thesis! Glad you like the blog as well. So...cities of death. Don't we love supplements :P. Descent of Angels is pretty useless in a CoD/Cityfight environment as your precision strikes generally involve you rolling dangerous terrain tests and whilst this okay on occasion, your whole army will most likely have to do it. For that reason you're not going to need VV so much. More flamers over the usual amount of meltaguns is welcome as well but you'll find hiding small Marine units behind buildings and jumping over things is going to be the best tactic here.

So at lower point levels 20 ASM is fine. Put the rest of your points into Sanguinary Guard, Priests and Honor Guard and probably don't add ASM until 1500-1750 (another 5 man squad will do). Any spare points should be dropped into the Honor Guard for SS but otherwise a mix of flamers/meltaguns on most units will do great. Also, the Libby can be replaced by Mephiston. Since you're not relying on DoA in CoD/Cityfight and he is easy to hide, Mephiston is even more beastly and would be a very worthy investment.

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