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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Email in: Dark Eldar 1,750

"Hey Kirby,

I wrote up a list something like this in the store - this is from memory, but how would you feel about something along these lines?

Baron whatshisname

3x Homoculis/some funky wargear of about 15 points - gave them hex rifles.

20x Hellions
- Sarg equiv has agoniser/grenade launcher
20x Hellions
- Sarg equiv has agnoiser/grenade launcher
20x Hellions
- Sarg equiv has agoniser

5 wracks
5 wracks
5 wracks

Ravager/3 darklance/flickerfield/night shield
Ravager/3 darklance/flickerfield/night shield


Basically the homoculis start with the helions and join the wracks first turn, leaving their pain tokens. The hellions are troops with +4/+4 if you are in cover unless feel no pain, they are str 4 base, str 5 with furious, ini 6-7, get 40 shots at BS 4 str 4 (or poison?) at 18 inch range, whilst moving 12 inches around the board.

Whats not to like? Bling can be removed but for lack of effort :) I think something like this may run better in the long term, as you don't have to focus on doing the reserve thing with your army - they should be able to sit tight on the board even through first turn shooting. But you also get an emperor's tarot equiv with the character, which is nice. If your opponent really wants to put all his units in reserve, you can piecemeal dakka them with glee. What do you think?


In a word, ew :P. I love Hellions and although they have their drawbacks (no specials), running 60 of It's like the 100 foot Sister list, you won't have the firepower to drop your opponent and you're hoping they don't have the firepower to drop you so you can win on objectives yet there are lists out there which will drop you and drop you fast. Hellions are great for their high strength in combat (up to 6 with drugs and pain tokens) but they lack duality in not being able to hurt tanks. Running a single 20 man unit with the Baron (skilled rider and stealth FTW) is much more feasible though I'd potentially run a 15 strong squad with smaller back-up squads for harassing (i.e. 5 man with upgrade).

You then need to decide how the rest of your list is going to unfold in wanting vehicles or not? Ravagers by themselves are going to die but you need to bring anti-tank to the table. I think you then need to pack in a bunch of Venoms (trueborns and 5 man Warrior squads with as much blaster goodness as you can muster) around the Hellions and backed up by Ravagers. From there either go Beastmasters for more combat pewpew or Reavers to keep up with the Hellions and throw around some heat lances.

I love Hellions but they need to be used right and they have a big drawback due to no special weapons. Anyway without my codex on me you should be able to fit in 3x3x Trueborn w/Blasters, Venom, 3x5x Warriors w/Blaster + Sybriate w/Pistol, Venom, 3x Ravager w/FF/NS, 2x6x Reavers w/2x heat lances at roughly 1550 points which gives you 450 to buy Hellions + Baron and upgrades. Maybe not enough so you can cut back on the Reaver squads or go to Beastmasters.

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