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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Email in: SM Bikers - Termies

"Hi kirby, well been working on a couple of SM list, and I wanted to ask you what you though about them, and If you see them competitive.

One is a clasic Bikers-termies mixed list, the other one, Vulkan list. here they go

Captain, bike, StormShield, RelicBlade, fusion bombs.
HG, 3x LC, 4 SS, 2x melta guns, ThunderHammer

5 x Assault Termies, 4x TH/SS, 1x Lighting claws.

4x bikes, melta, flamer, PF
1x AB, MM
4x bikes, melta, flamer, PF
1x AB, MM
4x bikes, melta, flamer, PF
1x AB, MM
4x bikes, melta, flamer, PF
1x AB, MM

This as you guessed is the biker mixed list.


5x AT, 4x TH/SS, 1x LC

Ironclad, melta, flamer Drop pod
Dreadnough, MM, flamer, Drop pod.

10 Tact, flamer, MM, PF, rhino
10 Tact, flamer, MM, Drop pod
10 Tact, flamer, Misile launcher.

Land Speeder, MM/HF
Land Speeder, MM/HF


What do you think of them? Do you think the mixed list biker/termie list can compete with a full biker list? I asked since I don't really like pure, plus it would be a bast amount of money i would have to expend on bikes since i own 0, and with those 16 bikes i can use them both for this list, and for the Blood rodeo.


Unfortunately neither of these lists are too flash. Vulkan at 1750 isn't going to be as good as Vulkan at 2000 and you lose out in terms of Libby support (especially the Biker list). At 1750 you can't run double Raiders either because the list plays rock-paper-scissors and isn't balanced (no support). At 2000 we could do something but not 1750 so your best bet is either running a Fast'N'Slow hybrid Bike list since you don't want pure and running some Terminators in place of some Dreads (you can also run Vulkan if you wish but I highly recommend against it).

The problem with foot termintors and Bikes is the termies can't protect the bikes like a Command Squad can without a Land Raider and unlike in Blood Rodeo, your Bikes don't want to be in combat at all. This is going to take very precise management of the Terminators and Bikes to get it to work okay and your opponent will have ample opportunity to disrupt this. At 1750 you could run something like this...

Captain on Bike w/Relic Blade
5x Terminators
2x Rifle Dread
2x4x Bikes w/2x meltaguns + AB w/MM
8x Bikes w/2x meltaguns, PFist + AB w/MM
3x Typhoon Speeders
2x Predators w/HB sponsons, HKM

1750 points on the dot. Core is solid but again you'll have difficulty moving those Terminators around. At 2000 you could double up on them, reduce the Typhoon and Bike numbers a bit and grab two Raider variants and at 2500 you could really make this tick but 1750 and the Terminators really need to be on foot to run a balanced list.

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