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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Forumitis, a fester's-eye-view, why forums rule.

Well, let me begin by saying that I disagree with very little the other authors have said about Forums and their failings...

Now time to say why I think Forums are an integral part of the Online Warhammer gaming community.

When you consider the forums that are out there, many are focused on a particular race or army, be it Orks, Tau, Ad Mech, Pre-Heresy Marines, whatever.

What each of these sites does, is to bring a like minded community together and allow for creativity to grow amongst members...
The beauty of this, is when you stop using these sites for listbuilding and army development (and email Kirby :) ), you can appreciate what they are really good for... Modelling.
For instance, as some of you are aware, I have a Pre-Heresy Space Marine (battleforce) Army.
When I needed to find out how to paint Sons of Horus, I went to The Great Crusade (via Google, of course), and stumbled on Magos Explorator's thread: How to paint the pre-Heresy Space Marine Legions.
The best bit is, I then was able to contribute (with my limited... ok, nonexistant knowledge) something to the community. If you tried this on a modelling/painting blog, you would need to have much better skills than I possess to actually make this work, and probably do some "favours" of the kind I have to keep doing for Kirby.

Kirby himself has a Painting 'blog' on Warseer, that he will link back to. I am sure he gets more quality information from 'seer than here, when it comes to painting. This isn't an attack on 3++, its proof that forums aren't just full of reta.. err, mouthbreathers.

The place that really got me into the Hobby, The Waaagh, has some amazing stuff... If you get bored one day, it is well worth your time to hop on there and check out the following people's work:
KrOOzA - Scratch builder insane variety... Makes FW look crappy.
Nozeminer - This guy should work for GW, his Greenstuff skills are insane
Ein, Zzoulless, Mad Grot Docsnik, among many others

Similarly, B&C, Dakka, Warseer, BoLs, the lot, have some awesome stuff floating around on their sites...

Just stay away from the army lists section

If you have something special you want to share with us, that you found on a forum, whack it in the comments!

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