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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Codex Orks Review: Part 8, Army Lists: Da Deff Wing

So, I have been asked by Kirby to get my finger out and produce some more content, or its back to the salt mines... Which is a bit rich when you consider he has only done 9 of the last 10 posts. Sheeeet...

Righto, so what waffle am I going to talk about today...

Deff Wing!

That's right, what would happen if an Ork and a Dark Angels player had a crazy mind meld...

Full 2+ Save Army with Deffrollas.

So simply put, that is the nuts and bolts of the army.

Ghazghull, MA Warboss, as many Mega Armor Nobs in Battlewagons as you can afford.

I am not even going to bother throwing down a list or four here, as really this is all about spamming the 2+ saves in AV14 boxes.

So why is this actually effective?
1. The MA Nobz's weakness is SnP. You can negate that very well with them taking part in a Battlewagon rush.
2. Ghazzy's guaranteed 6" Waaagh also means you skip the SnP at that point.
3. Finally, 2+ is easy to negate with weight of fire as we all know, but for the same points as a regular termie, we trade out 5++ for +1 wound, which really makes us resilient.

So that's the story.
How do you play it?
How do you defeat it?
Don't get charged, remove their mobility, and just dakka the hell out of them.

Finally, some pictures of Deffwings that I could pull up off The Waaagh (more on them, later!)

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