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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

How to: Pre Heresy Terminator (Justaerin) Shoulder Pad from AoBR Terminators.

D-D-Double posted on fester40k!
Apologies for the people who view both blogs!

So, it's time to look into how I did my shoulderpads, and like all good conversions, simple is awesome is simple.

And end-result can look like the image to the right.

Anyway, here goes nothing.

Pardon the HUGE break in text, but if I don't all the images and instructions wont line up!

First, here is my Terminator I am going to be working on primarily for this Tute... My Terminator Sargent... better known as Abbaddon. He is wielding a Stormbolter and a Bloodletter Sword, because it is cool.

I then take a tube of Evergreen Tubing size 236, which is 1/2 inch tubing (12.7mm for you metric people).
This is slightly too big for the shoulders, but the exact size which would be 15/32 inch they dont make.

NOTE: This is to fit over the terminator shoulderpads, not the bare shoulders. I am using AoBR (Black Reach) Terminators for this, and the pads are already attached.

 I then cut them into the appropriate length, generally about 10-13 mm depending on how you feel.

From there, cut them down the length, at about the 30% line.

They will then safely sit on the shoulders of your Terminator... like this:

Great, but it doesn't look like the artwork. What's the cheating-est tool to do that ?

Excellent. I know he morphed into another Termy at the end, but that is because I got ahead of the photo taking with Abbaddon.

From there you glue and screw them on, add details like a .5mm strip or a 2nd layer of tubing, and call it job well done.

Terminator Shoulder pads in bugger-all easy steps, and about 10 minutes.

As a send off, some comparisons between Horus (True-Scale Power Armour WIP), Regular grunt, and Abbaddon.

Horus is very WIP, but will have his mace and a Stormbolter at this point. If I get keen he might end up with Lightning Claws, but its definitely up in the air. Oh, and he wont be modelled in Terminator Armour even if he is played as having it.

Finally, if anyone has a kickass bare head that would look great on Horus, email me! That one is 110% filler for size comparisons.

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