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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Treatise on Comp

So, we come back to forumitis's evil twin brother... Comp.

It is a well known fact that all true WAAC competitive gamers hate comp, as it ruins all that they stand for, by introducing variety in lists, even playing fields and a fun gaming environment.
Any of you sitting there now, nodding agreement, shame on you.

Comp is meant to do these things, but rarely, if ever, does. Now before you switch off and tag me as a douche, let me bring one fact to light here.
I am pro comp, and I have a dream...

You can leave now if you still desire.

For those whose only comment will be "Don't use comp kthxbi" (ahem VT!), you can leave too..
For those 3 readers left, let's try something that has been tried before, a new comp method, with less hate and more reality. The reason I am revisiting this, is that I have yet to see a comp method that satisfactorily does what it is meant to do.

First: What is comp.
Comp is supposed to foster variance in list building. It is supposed to encourage softer lists instead of powerhouse net lists. It is supposed to promote the other, extra parts of the hobby beyond just pounding your opponent into the ground.
Fail, C-, Fail.
I will admit that comp allows players to utilize non-powerhouse-netlists in game, and not feel like you are going to autolose the event, but be aided by the comp score you receive. Everything else, it does not do. I cannot take a BW Blitz list to a comp event and expect to place anywhere with the comp' score received, which stops me taking it. If I do take it, I need to cream all opponents to pull off a place, which isn't fun gaming for the 5-6 unfortunate souls who draw me.

So, Mr fester, I presume you have some sort of a solution, yes?

Well, kind of. I don't believe that anyone will come up with the one ring, err, I mean solution.

Okay, the issues with Comp in events are multiple, and depending on where you come from and what environment you play in, the issues change.
So I want to define some issues with Comp. (this isn't just 40k comp either ladies, this covers Fantasy as well)
1. Full mech is not appreciated.
2. Foot Horde is not appreciated
3. Special Characters are not appreciated
4. Modifying Troops choices (Bike Captains, Deathwing/Ravenwing) is not appreciated
5. Pre-defined combos are not appreciated - LashOblit, Nob Biker, Leafblower, Razorwolves etc.
Wow, what is left? Battleforce armies? Joy :/

Why is this? The restrictions put on the design of your army are arbitrarily set down by some mythical TO with a hate of [your army here]. However, if you play [TO's Army] you get great comp, or if you [suck TO's, err, toes] you get great comp.

Righto then. Let's look at my solution, and ridicule it heavily in the comments section.

1. Comp is Panel Judged.
What this means is that the 4-5 people who comp the lists are TO's from other similar sized events, from outside of your local Meta. This means store owners from the next state over, TO's from Adepticon, Kirby, Me, whatever.
2. You have a set of predefined questions that the Judge must answer.
3. You publish all this information, with scores received, PRIOR to the event on your website/blog/forum/front door

So... fester... nothing really new here.
Well, there is one more thing I want to add, and that is the questions to be answered. Well, the ONE question that answers all the goals of comp (to my mind).
Q: How many games do you think this list will lose at this event. (0-5)

Why so simple? Simple! (ahahahah... erm)
All we are interested with in comp is levelling the playing field. It is, at it's barest, a handicap on hard lists, and a helper to soft lists, allowing soft lists to beat harder lists overall. This "encourages variety", stalls "net lists" and makes for "fun games" between softer, or evenly matched lists... I am not stopping you take Mephiston and Dante, nor am I stopping you take Cron Hordes, nor am I stopping you take Razorwolves. Each has a strength, each has a weakness, and each deserves to be at the event.
The logic is simple: If I can beat your Razorwolves using nothing by firewarriors and gundrones, that must say something about my skill (yeah, I know, wont happen blah blah VT), and your list is craptonnes harder than mine, so that should also count for something.

Anyway, I think I have made enough enemies, in both camps, so I will quieten down. I know this is still subjective, and still open to abuse, but by pushing this out to TO's and simplifying the criteria (and still getting a semi-reasonable result), I feel I might be pulling in close...

TO's of Comp'd events... Thoughts?

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