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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Crazy Idea: Dark Krootdar

Email in at random from Darth Bryce... This is what I like to see! Imagination at work!

Even'in Chief,

I come to you today with a premise. Imagine, if you will, a simple Kroot. Now, imagine many simple Kroots. Now, imagine many simple Kroots run off the dark eldar codex. Now try and picture the conversions that would be required to make such a thing possible....

If you came to the same conclusion I did (IE; This is awesome) then perhaps you could help me.

Alright, so what this basically is, or will be, or might be (We'll see), is a DE army run entirely with Kroot models. The basic foot troops are easy. They are Kroot. Wyches are just Kroot with swords (or something) and warriors are just kroot with guns. Haemo's would be Shapers, because my rough knowledge of Kroot fluff fits that well. Incubi, Trueborn (Trueblood?) and the Archon would all be kitbashed conversions as well.

Now, this is where I come unstuck. Dark eldar go into battle with T-shirts and jockstraps, so they need transports or they are gonna die. Now... I have no idea how I'd go about doing it. So I come to you in the hopes that you'd have an idea or two.

I was considering just using DE transports and making up some half-arsed 'fluff' reason as to why Kroot are cruising in raiders (little battle damage here, Dark Eldar corpse there, ey' presto) but it feels like a bit of a missed oppertunity.

Anyway, your thoughts?

Oooh, someone asking for my thoughts. I like you already.

So, let's look at this a little logically...
Kroot do this:

Forgeworld :)

and this....
So I reckon that Kroot would be driving around in something like this:

I suggest that you should look at Pterodactyls with Howdahs. That's the first thing I can think of.
If you wanted to not do flying dinosaurs, Zepplins, Gyrocopters would also work, really anything that is Steampunk or looks like it could be worked by an Ewok :)

Other than that, as an idea doing DE Kroot I think would work very well, as long as your conversions are great. I would do the Ravagers and gunboats as Knarlocs, it fits too well not to.
Apart from that, everything is, as you say, kind of obvious.

Good luck, and send us some WIP shots when you get going!

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