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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Email in: No-vehicle DE list for review [2000]

"This sounds a little crazy, but I like the idea a lot. In Spearhead and Pitched, the Archon deploys with the Harlequins to throw down the webway portal; in Dawn of War, he deploys as a solo operative behind terrain. My main concern right now is simply scoring ability, though I'm also slightly concerned about my anti-tank capabilities.

Archon w/ blaster, venom blade, haywire grenades, and webway portal- 120
Baron Sathonyx- 105

2 Harlequins w/ fusion pistols and close combat weapons, Harlequin w/ shuriken pistol and close combat weapon, Shadowseer, Death Jester-- 130
3 Kabalite Trueborn w/ blasters, 2 Kabalite Trueborn w/ splinter cannons- 125
3 Kabalite Trueborn w/ blasters, 2 Kabalite Trueborn w/ splinter cannons- 125

14 Hellions, Helliarch w/ agoniser- 249
10 Warriors w/ dark lance- 115
10 Warriors w/ dark lance- 115

++Fast Attack++
5 Beastmasters, 3 Clawed Fiends, 4 Razorwing Flocks- 240
6 Reaver Jetbikes w/ two heat lances- 156
6 Reaver Jetbikes w/ two heat lances- 156

++Heavy Support++
Talos Pain Engine w/ twin-linked heat lance and chainflails- 120
Talos Pain Engine w/ twin-linked heat lance and chainflails- 120
Talos Pain Engine w/ twin-linked heat lance and chainflails- 120

78 models (36 infantry, 15 jump infantry, 12 jetbikes, 12 beasts, 3 monstrous creatures)
1,996 points total"

Foot DE works so it's not that crazy but there are some things which can be worked on. Jetbikes are certainly more mobile than Scourges but don't really gain you much. Your anti-infantry is in their face ASAP so it's not like you have to run around trying to chase them down and when you come out of the portal you generally want to blast tanks ASAP and they both have the same range for that. This can save you a few points whilst maintaining your anti-tank in that slot. Also, I love the Baron in these type of lists as it gives Hellions as Troops which can be scary coming out of a portal in your face but desperately need FNP. If you can get an easy charge off to gain access to FNP, woot, if not...damn. You're supporting this squad with Beasts and Harlequins and backed up by all that you've got the Taloses which is good. The Quins should really drop the Death Jester (they'll be fleeting nearly every turn unless point blank fusion pistoling) and give them some kisses so they are more potent in combat.

With the Talos I'd change one to a Cronos. Less combat power but that's still significant and you can start handing out pain tokens which your army rather wants. Not a big deal here though. The weapon upgrade might be better as a Haywire Blaster as well, very good for suppressing enemy tanks but your noted lack of anti-tank is an issue and thus the Heat Lances work as well. Not sure about the Trueborn setup, the blasters are a must but will have issues with range (what else can you do though in a WWP list) but not sure you need to take the Splinter Cannon guys as well. Maybe make these guys a dedicated anti-tank unit and cut your loses in duality there.

Which brings us to the Archon and Warriors. I said before some units really need FNP such as the Hellions and the Warriors are another unit(s) which could really benefit. And you've only got one WWP which limits your deployment somewhat. So I'm going to advocate dropping the Archon for two Haemonculi, one starts with the Quins and one with the Warriors (combine the squads) which can start on the table in cover (20 FNP in cover bodies? Remove them if you can). You've now got two options to come out of and if your opponent somehow neutralises one, well you've got another. This is going to hurt your scoring though so trying to fit in a couple small 5 man squads with a Blaster to hop out of the WWPs will be good. The reduction in Trueborn squads and reducing the beastpack/hellion squad by 1 or 2 members can find the points for 2 small Warrior squads here.

Oh quick aside; with the Beastpack I agree with your rules interpretation in terms of each Beastmaster unlocks a set amount of Beasts but I've heard very staunch disagreement against this and for that reason I've changed it around. If this turns out not to be the case, you can switch them back and you'll have my apologies for not defending the position enough!

This leaves us with:

2x Haemon w/WWP
2x3x Trueborn w/3x blasters
5x Quins w/2x fusion, 2x kiss, Shadowseer w/kiss
2x5x Warriors w/Blaster
20x Warriors w/2x DL
14x Hellion w/Helliarch w/Agoniser
4x Beastmasters w/5x Khyrmearae, 1x Clawed Fiend, 2x Razorwing Flock
2x 5x Scourges w/2x heat lance
3x Talos w/chainflails, TL-heat lance

Totals: 1994 points
46 infantry (inc. 3 talos)
25 jump infantry
12 beasts
Your anti-tank is a bit better with a couple more blasters and you've got some Pain tokens to start with whilst still keeping a solid amount of heat-lances and combat units coming out of multiple Portals.

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