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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Email in: 1500 Space Marines

"Hi Kirby

Been reading 3++ for a little while now, mostly in an attempt to improve my game of 40k, and I figured I’d drop you a mail regarding my present list-based-problems. I’ve mostly been a Guard player and done reasonably well with them, though only in a local group of buddies sort of gaming environment for just now, and have now switched to playing around with Codex Space Marines. I’ve had limited success thus far, mostly getting my ass kicked using what I now realise is a pretty sub-par list that looked something sort of like this;

Captain, Relic Blade, Artificer Armour, some other toys

Tactical squad on foot, missile launcher, plasma gun
Tactical squad in Rhino, MM, flamer, combi-flamer, PF
Scout squad with bolters, HB, camo

Tactical Terminators, AssCan
Dred, AssCan, HF x2

Speeder Typhoon x2

Having done some reading, mostly on 3++ after having abandoned Dakka as largely worthless for tactical advice, I’ve put together a new, improved, hopefully less fail list that looks like this;

Librarian, Null Zone, Avenger [100]

10 Tactical Marines, MM, Flamer, Rhino [205]
10 Tactical Marines, MM, Flamer, Rhino [205]

5 Tactical Terminators, AssCan [230]
5 Sternguard, 2 x HF, 3 x CombiMelta, Rhino [195]
5 Sternguard, 2 x LC, 3 x CombiMelta, Rhino [205]

Predator, AC, HB’s [85]
Predator, AC, HB’s [85]

Landspeeder, HB, Typhoon ML [90]
Landspeeder, HB, Typhoon ML [90]

Which comes to 1490.

So my questions are firstly, are there any improvements or alterations you would recommend to this list to make it work more smoothly? And secondly, any particularly good suggestions for that spare 10 points? My thoughts on that were either a CombiMelta for one of the tactical squads, or else an HK missile for one of the Preds. Regarding the Terminators, I rather want to use those as they’re sort of a centre-piece to my army that I just got done painting to a standard that, for me, is pretty decent and rather pleasing so I’d like to use them having gone to that effort.

Thanks for your time


Glad you've found 3++ to your liking and have garnered some use from it! Always pleasing to here.

Solid list there (and much better than your original if you don't mind me saying; kudos there) though I might look at making both of the Sternguard pack double lascannons (there goes your 10 points lol). You've then got quite a bit of firepower heading downfield and although you don't have any AP4 templates, you're still packing Avenger, 2x flamers, bolters, Termies, Dakka Preds and the Typhoons in terms of anti-infantry so you're pretty covered there.

With regards to the Terminators; they are a fine choice but I'd prefer the CML over the assault cannon for the extra range (allowing you to sit back and shoot effectively). Assault Terminators work just as well if you later want to change them up a bit or for a more aggressive unit. If the CML isn't possible the assault cannon is fine but don't be overly aggressive with them to get into range if you don't need to be. Your Libby can also chat with them or hide in one of the Sternguard Rhinos as he sees fit.

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