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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Email in: 2500pt Marines


Been reading your blog for about a month now, and I really like it. Lots of well-written articles and good advice. I'm a long-time 40K player (since '94), but am only recently starting to get into "competitive" tournament play. I am hammering out a SM list that I want to unveil at 'Ard Boyz next year, and was wondering if you might have some feedback for me. My usual army is Chaos Marines, so I want to get a good SM list down on paper before I start purchasing and building models. Here's what I have so far:

Lysander = 200

2x Dread w/ MM/HF in Pod = 300

10xSternguard w/ 2xCombi-melta in Pod = 295

2x 10xMarines w/ PW Sgt, flamer, ML in Rhino w/ HK = 460
10xMarines w/ combi-melta Sgt, melta, ML in Rhino w/ HK = 230

2x 3xTyphoon Speeder w/ HB = 540
3xSpeeder w/ 3xMM, HF = 190

3x Dakka Pred w/ HKs = 285

2500 points, 40 MEq bodies, 8 AV11-13 platforms (not counting the 3 Pods), 9 AV10 speeders. It throws down 15 missiles per turn (plus 6 one-time HKs), 6 melta shots (plus 3 one-time combis), 5 flame templates and 36 S5 shots per turn, which I think is a good balance of anti-mech and anti-horde firepower. I know you tend to like the ubiquitous Rifledread, but I want my dreads to drop down on T1 and disrupt my opponent (maybe even flame the guys that I de-mech with my first barrage of 21 Krak missiles and 6 AC shots) both through shooting and the threat of their DCCW. I like the Typhoon/HB combo as it allows me to fire frag missiles as defensive weaponry along with the HBs against infantry, or just use the kraks against vehicles. Finally, given that every vanilla marine army these days runs Khan or Hestan (or one of their myriad twin brothers), I wanted to be somewhat original in my HQ selection. I think Lysander joined to the Sternguard will make an extremely effective reserve unit that can come down and annihilate just about anything with a toughness value (20 twin-linked 2+ poison shots anyone?), but I can even combat squad the combi-meltas to pop a vehicle if necessary. I have a buddy that runs podded Sternguard, and they always seems to die after their first volley, but I think that in addition to increasing their dakka, Lysander gives me the opportunity to play wound allocation games with his 2+/5++, W4 and EW, as well as some CC punch against things that try to counterattack them after the drop.

Thanks in advance for offering suggestions on this list.


Hmm I both like and dislike this list lol. The theory behind it is sound but not sure if I'm sold to be honest. The Dreads will probably pop a tank or fry an infantry squad each but they are very likely to die. The Sternguard will be able to come down T2 and be able to fry/pop 1-2 units/tanks as well but are still very likely to die if your shooting hasn't been very effective. If it has been very effective though...well you could cuase havoc.

With that concept in mind the only significant changes I'd make are in regards t your Tactical Marines. Get rid of the power weapons, they aren't needed and add Deathwind launchers to the Pods to make them more threatening. Drop one of the MM/HF speeders as well and max out on combi-meltas for the Sternguard and potentially conisder two heavy flamers on them as well. If you don't do the HF add in two combis to the Tac sarges who don't have them.

Not really sold on what the Dakka Preds provide here. Potentially replacing Lysander with a MotF and grabbing 3 extra Dreads (I'd go for Rifledreads here) provides you with better firepower and mobility as you've got a ton of anti-infantry already.

Again, the main issue I see is the Sternguard/Drop Dread vulnerability in being fed to into a meatgrinder. If you suppress/destroy enough, the extra pressure for those units can be amazing but if not, they can be left very, very vulnerable.

Everyone else's thoughts on this?

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