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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Email in: DE List for Review

"Well I've been long time follower of you blog, and it's been quite informative. I have to say that you and your fellow posters provide quality criticism without the typical snarky attitude. Some of the Eldar advice I've read here has been extremely helpful, and allowed for my game to expand and much more enjoyable games. So in short... thanks.

Anyways I've decided to take the plunge and jump on the Dark Eldar pain train. Here's a list I've been concocting and was looking for your input. While I like to think of myself decent at converting models I want to keep that at a minimum right now till I can get a hang on the army and spend the necessary time in converting some nice models. So either than Venoms I just wanted to use released models. Let me know please what you think of my list.


Archon w/ Agonizer, and Shadow Field
2 Haemonculus each w/ Agonizer
3 True Born w/ 2 Blasters, w/ Venom and SC upgrade
3 True Born w/ 2 Blasters, w/ Venom and SC upgrade
4 Incubi w/ Venom and SC upgrade
9 Wyches w/ Hexatrix upgrade, Agonizer, Raider w/ Flickerfield
9 Wyches w/ Hexatrix upgrade, Agonizer, Raider w/ Flickerfield
5 Warriors w/ Blaster, Venomer and SC upgrade
6 Reavers w/ 2 Heat Lances
6 Reavers w/ 2 Heat Lances
6 Reavers w/ 2 Heat Lances
3 Raiders w/ Flickerfields

The Archon would typically go with the Incubi and the Haemonculus will go with the Wyches. My goal was for multiple assault units, while still having tank busting power."

Glad you like the blog and have found it helpful mate. With regards to your list, it's pretty solid but is going to have issues with scoring. Your Wyches are combat oriented so have less mobility and capacity for taking objectives and are very weak when not in combat, even with FNP. The obvious and cheap way to fix this is with Wracks since you have Haemonculi but there are no models for this. Whilst I'm sure you could source some models for them (see this post) we'll stick with what we have available to use and that means Warriors.

You've already got one 5 man squad in a Venom and that's a good setup. Replacing one of the Reaver squads with another 5 man Venom squad and you've got another scoring unit. It's still a bit light but not as easy to neutralise now and they can always be reserved.

There are also some upgrades we want. We'd like both of the 5 man Warrior squads to have blast pistols so we have an effective anti-tank unit and the Wyches should have Shardnets (or at least some combat weapon). There aren't really many points we can shave here but those Wych weapons (and double blasters) are really important so we'll need to drop something. The Agonisers on the Haemons will go. They only have 2A and WS4 as an IC so aren't hidden or super killy and dropping them frees up 40 points. With the SC upgrade on one Warrior squad and the extra points from the Reaver squad we dropped, this is enough for a Shardnet on each of the Wych squads and blast pistol on the Warriors.

And there's a list which uses only the models available currently excluding the Venom!

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