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Monday, December 13, 2010

Setting up a game store?

Here's an email in from Rory:

"My friends and I want to open a game store downtown in a major city that doesn't have a game store. We know there are players here, and that many are in need of a gaming space.

What kind of things would you require in a game store, what do you think a game store should carry, and what kinds of common pitfalls do you think a store could run into and avoid? I'm asking you because I fudging love your blog, and you have a talent for saying things bluntly and without the bias that the internet is so filled with.


Haha cheers Rory though your compliment got pinked o.O!

Honestly, I have no idea :P. Or rather, I have a lot of ideas but no idea if it would actually lead to a successfully run business. We know a good business model means being flexible and thus I would ensure you do not focus exclusively on GW products like GW stores do. Any table-top game by other companies or even card games such as Magic should be considered. Otherwise great support. Having awesome tables (for each system) is a huge reason many people go to local stores. It saves them time and effort and makes their games look better. The other obvious reason is they get to play other people. Being interactive with customers and having customers interact with each other is also a huge draw for local stores so ensuring you do have a customer base would be important (i.e. ask the local gamers if they'd be interested in said store). This would also relate to leagues/tournaments/etc. and the advertising of such to out-of-towners (which equals more new faces, etc. etc.).

Other than those obvious things such as appropriate gaming space (no one likes cramped rooms) and a website, proper location, etc. nothing is jumping out to me. I really think researching what people want in your area is a good idea and stocking what they want (if there's a huge Magic or Hordes following for example) whilst maintaining a diverse product range which has support.

Anyone else have any ideas or actual experience with this? I know BroLo knows a guy who runs a local store and the guy who runs SpikeyBitz might be a good person to ask. Obviously advertising on 3++ helps, too... haha.

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