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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Email: Lizardmen, yay or nay?

Ok, first proper article on here. Little bit nervous, not gonna lie. *straightens tie*Not got any theme music or fancy accent to hide behind up here. *fidgets* Right, let's get started then. Now, I'm going to respond to this in a manner different to the conventional one, because it's how I roll. I prefer to reply point by point, rather than write an essay at the end. It means you know exactly what I'm talking about. Here's the email:

"G'day Kirby,"

Well we have the same name in real life, so close enough I suppose. (:

"I was hoping that whomever is the Fantasy pro would be able to give me some advice on Lizardmen. I have just found a club that plays Fantasy and cycles between that and 40K. I would be playing with my brother's Lizards."
That fantasy pro would be me. And I would be more than happy to lend a hand. The ol' inherited army eh? Been there before. You're lucky to find a club that plays both games. I mean, mine does too. But you're still lucky. Imagine being stuck playing one game when you really wanted to play another. It'd be like having to write about fantasy articles when you really wanted t- *whip*

"Are Lizards worth me even buying the Armies book? If they are just weak, I needn't bother as I would think the fluff has changed since the older books, which he already has."

Certainly! They're one of the better armies in 8th edition actually. A lot of people (myself included) call them "Top Tier". I'll run through some basics here, before we get to beastmen. Ok so, very quickly, the strengths of the lizardmen army book are: Rock solid infantry, rock solid magic, amazing leadership, good resistance to shooting, amazing anti infantry shooting. You may as well read that as Saurus, Slann, Cold Blooded, Engine of the Gods, Salamanders. But hey-o lets go! A quick list to get started (take this as a rough template) would be:

Slann BSB w/Stuff (always take the extra PD discipline at least!)
Skink Priest on an Engine of the Gods
20 Saurus w/Full Command
20 Saurus w/Full Command
15 Temple Guard w/Full Command + Flaming Banner
Ancient Stegadon (target saturation for the other stegadon, also they're just really good, but more sallies would also work)
3 Salamanders

That army should work out to about roughly 2k. Give it a go, see if you like it (:. It should be able to compete with the best of them in 8th edition at the least. Oh, and always take life on the Slann in that army. That lore was pretty much MADE for Slann.

"Also, Beastmen. Are they a good army or is their Army book just for reading pleasure?"

Frankly they struggle in 8th edition. They've got something similar to Dark Angels-Chaos Daemons syndrome. Being designed for a meta that doesn't exist yet and as such being wildly wildly off kilter. They're really expensive and lack punch, or any kind of good infantry unit. Hell, they're basically Brown Orcs now. You could actually wait for the new Orc and Goblin book to come out and use that. If you're genuinely interested though, I did an article on them here: 
But really, the book's not great. It's like trying to make one with Orks. The best you'll ever get is "alright".


"The guys at the club play from 2-2.5K, iIrc."

Best points level. The game breaks at 3k. 2k is fantasy's 1500, while 2500 is the 2k. That said, some armies don't work at all at certain values. MSU in particular takes a dive at 2500.

"Cheers, Marshal Wilhelm."
Now, I realise this may be rather general, but so was your question! If you're thinking about using lizzies and like the army, by all means go for it, they're fantastic, rewarding and really good in this edition. If there's anything more specific, just hit me up! (:
Cheers, Will.

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