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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Email in: 1500 Tyranid list

"Hey, Kirby,

Love the blog! Here is a list I have been thinking about running. I mostly play against Space Marines (Curse you Assault Terminators!) and Orks (Hordes and Lootas…).

225 Hive Tyrant w/ Twin-linked Brainleech Worms x2, Old Adversary
150 Hive Guard x3
180 Zoanthrope x3
80 Termagant x16
185 Tervigon w/ Catalyst, Toxin Sacs
100 Warrior x3 w/ Barbed Strangler
190 Carnifex w/ Twin-linked Brainleech Worms x2
190 Carnifex w/ Twin-linked Brainleech Worms x2
200 Trygon

What do you think? Also, tactic-wise I was thinking about running the Trygon forward with a Carnifex to each side and Tyrant behind for cover and Old Adversary. Hive Guard and Zoanthropes where needed. Termagants and Tervigon would target Assault Terminators or Nobs or be assault screen. Warriors for home objective and pester the hordes. What tactics would you use?


A solid list but a few issues. The Zoans/HG are mix and match and you should really focus on one or the other. Personally HG are always the better bet as you have one less roll, psychic defense doesn't shut them down and they have the extra range. Replacing the Zoans with HG and splitting them into 3 squads of 2 is your best bet there. You're also a bit weak of scoring so I'd replace the Trygon with a Tervigon. With the points you've saved from the HG to Zoan switch you can afford another Termagant + Tervigon combo.

At 1500 points, 6 HG, 2 Tervigons, 2 Fexes + Tyrnat is very potent. You should have some points leftover and if you could get a Tyrant Guard for the Tyrant that would be great but otherwise upgrades on the Tervigons, Fexes, Tyrant, etc. work, too. Your list is a bit short-ranged in terms of having Devs/HG so getting Onslaught is a good idea but Catalyst obviously has it's merits as well.

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