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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Email in: Delicious Marines! Eat them up!

Good day mr Kirby

Well and merry christmas.
Been reading you blog for many months now and gobbled up anything Eldar, Tau and now Nids...
And that got me thinking long ago...Could I have nids Army that eats Marines for dinner.
At that point my job situation said NO....Pay your rent, and such borring things.

Now the situation have changed, and cool cash is not THAT big a problem anymore.
The job being a merchent sailor, who wont be home in another three weeks, you can take all the time you like answering :)
Im in no rush what so ever..
At my place we play 1250 points to 1750 so far, so a stepping stone to 1250 is what I have in mind.
Being new to Nids I would like some hints to a good starting 1250 nids list, which can be expanded with time.

I look forward to hear from you
Merry Christmas and happy new year :)

Niels Peter (Niller79)

Heya Neils, glad to hear you're back in the hobby. Yeah, rent and all that sucks, but otherwise where will you store your models? Street Hobo Gamer doesn't really work all that well, I've found.

So, you may care to take a look at the Armies in 5th articles (and in particular my Tyranid overview) for some ideas on how to build a good army. Depending on what kind of list you enjoy, there are lots of different options for how to build things, but here is a really basic list that can be made fairly easily:

1250 Tyranids
1 Tyranid Prime (Whip/Sword, Toxin, Deathspitter, Regen)
1 Tyranid Prime (Whip/Sword, Toxin, Deathspitter, Regen)
2 Hive Guard
2 Hive Guard
2 Zoanthrope
15 Hormagaunts
17 Termagants (Devourers)
1 Tervigon (Cluster Spines, Onslaught, Toxin, Adrenal)
3 Tyranid Warriors (Deathspitters, 1 Venom Cannon)
3 Tyranid Warriors (Deathspitters, 1 Venom Cannon)

This is a variant of a list I've tried on and off; it's a little weak to mech, but most of the time it will do fine. You have a ton of anti-infantry shots from the Devilgaunts and Warriors, and the Warriors double as suppression fire to keep tanks from shooting. Prime can either go with the Warrior squads (making them more deadly and giving you a place to put S8 hits without losing a guy) or with the Hive Guard (for extra wounds) or with the Devilgaunts (in case something assaults them- remember, the new IC rules let him run in and "push" Gaunts out of the way to get in base-to-base with something.) The Tervigon makes babies and can help you shuffle units into range to shoot- that d6" is more relevant than most people realize. The Warriors, when not annoying tanks, are also very good at scoring objectives. Remember you can split up wounds between the model with the Venom Cannon and the others, so the first four wounds the squad takes don't kill anything. Once you're down the VC or to a single model, dash them for an objective and sit there. If the enemy shoots multiple S8 weapons at them, Go to Ground- a 3++ is really, really annoying to get through.

The 1500 version looks mostly the same, but drops the Hormagaunts for another squad of Termagants and adds a second Tervigon. The extra points go to taking more Hive Guard.

At 1750 you finish off your AT in the Elites slots and add another MC of your choice- a Trygon could work, or you could drop one of the Primes to bring in a Hive Tyrant; give him Old Adversary and a Heavy Venom Cannon, plus 1-2 Tyrant Guard, and you're set. Harpies are also good, despite what the internets say, and they're a bit cheaper than the other options.

How does this list eat 'nids, you ask? Well, a couple ways. First off, Zoeys wreck Land Raiders and Vindicators, which for some reason MEQ players love. (Their blast can make guys pretty unhappy, too.) Hive Guard take care of Rhinos/Razorbacks, which mostly covers the marine vehicle spectrum. The Devilgaunts can put a ridiculous number of wounds on any squad, not only forcing them to fail saves, but killing off the sarges/heavy weapon troopers. MEQ players HATE failing saves, btw, nothing makes them complain more. Lastly, the Primes are a rude surprise to anyone who gets close to you- they can singlehandedly wipe out a squad of Tacticals on their own. If you wanted to go extra-deep on all this, going Sword/Whip/Toxin (or twin Swords and Adrenal, to save points) on the Warriors could work as well.

All of this is really just a random list off the top of my head, though- there are lots and lots of other ways to build an army if there are particular units you want to use, particular strategies (assault vs shooting) you like, etc.

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