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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Thinking About Stealth Pants

So I was thinking about the new ruling on the Stealth USR. Stelek has already talked about how to abuse it with Saga of the Hunter- in effect, you can buy a 3++ for a wolf squad for a mere 10pts, which is a damn fine deal. And that got me to wondering- who else can get the Stealth rule somehow?

Lord Comissars. They can get a Camo Cloak for pretty cheap. Why is that relevant? Well, for one, they're already made to hold a huge blob of dudes in place, aren't they? So maybe you want to make all those Guardsmen into Space Marines.

Is it worth it? I dunno, you do need to sink 80pts into an HQ choice that otherwise doesn't help you kill anything. On the other hand, being Ld10 for orders is nice, and his aura can hit most of a firebase with a little trouble, although unfortunately you'll have to choose who is benefiting from from that 3++ each turn, boo hoo.

Still, though. Blobs of thirty guys with 3+ cover. Enemy gets a ton of wounds on you? Go to ground for 2+. Bam. Guardsmen with 2+ saves is a pretty scary thing to try and bring down for most people, and even a 3+ makes them pretty damn tough.

Just an idle thought that perhaps someone might want to play around with.

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