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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Email in: Dark Eldar list email in

"Hey Kirby, I was wondering if you could take a look at a recently made Dark Eldar list. This army list is one modified after your list in the Dark eldar duke sliscus + webway post.

Duke - 150

Kabalite Warriors x 5 - 45
Blaster - 15
Sybarite - w/ blast pistol and power weapon - 35
Raider w/ ff - 70
Total - 165 x 3 - 495

Warriors x 20 w/ darklance (2)
Total - 230

Ravager w/ FF
Total 115 x 3 - 345

Trueborn x 3 - 36
blaster x 3 - 45
Venom - 55
Total - 136 x2 - 272

Total - 1497

So the basic concept of this list is to have the Duke join the larger warrior squad and deploy in cover close to midfield. The ravagers will provide fire support and target saturation. Next, the trueborn and warriors will deepstrike and cause general mayhem in the ranks.
But onto the list. I have a couple of questions as to my points. First, should i drop powerweapons on the sybarites and give my ravagers Night shields? Also, should i drop Flicker fields and get a haem for my 20 man warrior squad? Any comments or criticisms is appreciated.

- Evan L for Pittsburgh"

I would indeed drop the Power Weapons. I might also make the Raiders on the Warrior squads Venoms as you have a fair amount of darklight weapons already without them (24) but only the 20 man warrior squad and 2x Venoms for true anti-infantry. Raising that to 5x Venoms would be a big boost and also frees up enough points for a Haemonculus to give your foot Warrior squad a FNP token. Otherwise I like the list and the Duke really gives a good amount of options in terms of deploying on the table or reserving to minimise damage and maximise potential damage against your opponent.

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