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Monday, January 24, 2011

fester's Battlewagon, and it's finished!

So for those of you who don't lurk on the Chatbawks waiting for me to post updates on my WIP wagon, and for those of you who aren't followers on my own personal blog (and with my total of 27 followers I know that's most of you!), you wouldn't have seen an update on where I am at with this little guy.

Well during the intervening 2 weeks, I have put some paint on this fella and made a right mess of it.
OK, I lie, I've done a damn good job of it (for my own personal quality, anyway).

Without further ado here are some more pictures for your pleasure:

The last thing your squad of marines will see... KoptaRolla front on.

Some idea of the damage and stippling I applied to the whole body of the wagon.

And a comic showing what's going on in the back.

Finally, for a bonus, here is a blank comic template for all you viewers, create your own, upload, and post in the comments. The one that makes me LOL in real life gets put up as the image both here and on my blog for my next post, and credit given.

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