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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Email in: Suggestions for Witch Hunters?

"Hi Kirby,

I am a Long time reader and I really enjoy your blog, especially the good advices for lists you and your group gives. Maybe you can help me to evolve my Witch Hunters.

I played a ImmoSpam-List, but it becomes more and more difficult to achive good results with it due to newer codicies and the changes in the metagame.

How can I fully optimise my new list?

Inquisitor Lord, 3xWarriors w/ Plasma
Inquisitor, 3xWarriors w/Plasma
Inquisitor, 3xWarriors w/Plasma
Inquisitor, 3xWarriors w/Plasma

5 Storm Troopers w/2 Plasma
5 Storm Troopers w/2 Melta

Inducted Guard
Command w/Autocannon, Chimera
Squad w/ Autocannon, Grenade Launcher Chimera
Squad w/ Autocannon, Chimera
4x Heavy Weapon Squads w/Autocannons

5 Dominions w/2 Melta in an Immolator
5 Dominions w/2 Melta in an Immolator
5 Dominions w/2 Melta in an Immolator


Should be exactly 1750P

The Inquisitors use the Chimeras as taxis, one Inquisitor and the Troopers use the Immos. I would like to get more chimeras, but I am not sure if it is worth to loose the Heavy Weapon Squads. Suggestions?


I can't recommend Immo spam enough with Witchunters. It's a very in your face army and obviously demands very good skills with moving mech and self-blocking to protect your infantry. The obvious and main weakness of Immo spam is long-ranged firepower and AV11 but both of these can be 'fixed' by inducted IG platoons. Basically, you keep the Immo spam style but instead of Sisters in Rhinos and a couple of Immolators for Fast Attack, you grab a bunch of autocannons and Chimeras for screening. I'm not sure if you were running this style of list or just pure Immo spam but if not, I cannot recommend it enough. It's still a very potent list against the new 5th edition books and has the advantage against BA Flamestorm in being able to shoot out of a firepoint. A sample list would look something like:

5x5x Celestians w/2x mgun, Immolator
PCS w/Chimeras, 4x Flamer
3x Platoon w/Autocannon w/Chimeras
5x HWT w/autocannons
3x5x ISTs w/2x mguns
3x Immolators

Should be 1995 points and gives you 8 immo chassis (3 less than normal immo spam) but 4 Chimeras for some AV12, 16 meltaguns and an impressive 18 autocannons.

Otherwise the WH codex suffers with old prices and minimal effective units. Your list is basically the same as has been listed but the Inquistors have been replaced with Celestians in Immolators with meltaguns (obviously at 2000 points though). If you want to drop this down to 1750 you lose a Chimera, a HWT and a Celestian/Palatine combo which should take you to 1735 points.

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