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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Email in: Blood Angels - First attempt at a competitive army list (1500 points)

"Hey Kirby,

After a 4 year hiatus i've finally got back into 40k and discovered that my blood angels have a shiny new codex, ive decided to throw myself into the deep end and enter a tournament next month. Below is my 1500pts list ive made up, its managed to comfortably win against a mechanised ork list and a 'zerker based chaos army. I feel the listis fairy competitive but id like a proffesional opinion.

HQ- Libarian, shield and unleash rage 100 pts

Elites- sang priest 50 pts
sang priest, jump pack 75 pts
furiso dread, frag cannon, heavy flamer, drop pod 165 pts

Troops- 10 man asm squad, 2 meltaguns, power fist, rhino 232 points
10 man asm squad, 2 meltaguns, power fist, rhino 232 points
5 man asm squad, rhino 115 points

Fast attack- Baal predator, assualt cannon, hb sponsoons, 145 pts
- 2 Land speeders, hf, mm 140 pts
5 man vanguard squad, jump packs, 2 ss, pf, pw, glaive on sarge- 245 pts

this all comes in at 1499 points, the general idea is to split the list into 2 parts, with the asm squads rushing through the middle and popping smoke. meanwhile the baal pred, dread and landspeeders all rush forward to create a target overload and hopefully force him to focus on them rather than the rhinos. The dread and baal should also be able to take out a couple of transports or a large infantry unit. Second turn the vanguard and priest come on and hopefully take out a long fang squad or similar and the asm charge the main part of the army.

The only problem i have with it is that with only 6 meltas im worried it may have difficulty taking on a fully mech army and any advice or list changes to help this or any other problems would be much appretiated :)"

First off, the VV cannot charge when they DS with the Priest in tow I'm afraid. Otherwise the list is a bit too spread out over army concepts. I've never been a fan of Hybrid BA but you're gaining no real benefit from creating a Hybrid list here. I'm assuming you want an army which is in your opponent's face and you can follow up with an assault but there is a lot of extraneous stuff in this list which isn't really accomplishing that goal.

I'd look at dropping the Baal, Vanguard and Dread to get some more Land Speeders and either ASM, Honor Guard or Sanguinary Guard to move behind the Rhinos so they can assault anything which does get popped by the Speeders followed up by the ASM squads next turn. It all depends on what you want the list to do though. Large ASM squads in Rhinos aren't too effective as although you're faster than Jumper ASM, you're less mobile as you are not as free to assault. Small ASM squads in Rhinos have the disadvantage of only one meltagun (even though they can get a pistol) which is the issue Archnomad is running into atm. If you were to change the ASM to smaller squads in Razorbacks supported by assault squads (whether ASM, Honor Guard or SG doesn't matter) I feel this would be a better list but is a bit divergent from what I think you're looking at.

More information on what you want your list to do would be great but again from what I think you're aiming for, running assault squads behind the Rhinos or Razorbacks is your best bet. If that's okay with you we can work out a list.

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