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Friday, February 4, 2011

Email in: Dark Eldar lists

I've learned a lot from your blog. I'm originally a Tau player and your articles were a great help. I've decided to branch out into the dark kin and I was wondering if you would mind critiquing these lists for me. Any comments and ideas would be most welcome.

Glad you've gained something from it. Always nice to hear and see.

1500 pts

Duke Sliscus

Kabalite Warriors x 9
Raider w/ splinter racks and flicker field

Wyches x 10 w/ hydra x 2, haywire grenades
Hexatrix w/ venom blade

Wyches x 10 w/ hydra x 2, haywire grenades
Hexatrix w/ venom blade

Wyches x 10 w/ shardnet x 2, haywire grenades
Hexatrix w/ venom blade

Reavers x 6 w/ Heat Lance x 2

Reavers x 6 w/ Heat Lance x 2

Ravager w/ flickerfield

Ravager w/ flickerfield

Duke goes with the warriors and guards a home objective, shardnet unit plays tarpit, the other two wyche units assault objectives or vulnerable infantry units. Wyches have haywire grenades to deal with monoliths and blessed hull landraiders. The Reavers provide mobile melta.

I'm not a fan of the Warriors in this case. They feel tacked on and a place for the Duke. With the FAQ clarifying the Duke can be taken without Trueborn or Warriors I might look at dropping them and putting something else in. Issue there is the thing you really want is Trueborn so he'd be forced to start with them. Wyches also are better off with Shardnets. If you dropped the Haywires and the Warriors you should be able to get 2 small Trueborn squads w/Blasters in Venoms and whilst this means you're only really taking advantage of the Duke's double combat drug, he also makes the Trueborn a bit scarier in combat and you can deep-strike them which is a nice bonus.

At 2000 pts I plan on adding

Haemonculus x 3 w/ Liquifiers x 2 each

Wracks x 10 w/ Liquifiers x 2

Reavers x 6 w/ 2 Heat Lances

Homunculus start disjointed with the wyche squads, leaving them with their pain token on turn one. They then join the wracks on one of my objectives.

I like the Haemons but it's hard to give the Wyches FNP easily. What if you go 2nd or your opponent seizes? Those Wyches can be dead meat or the Haemonculus are left out to dry. If you want to add Haemons you need to drop the Wyches to 9x strong. Extra Reavers are nice but I'd change the Wracks to either 5x w/Liquifier or bare bones and 3 strong. Perhaps then take 2 squads in two Raiders for two backfield scoring units, especially if we replace the Warriors with Trueborn.

At 2500 I add

Trueborn x 3 w/ blasters
Venom w/ splinter cannon x 2

Trueborn x 3 w/ blasters
Venom w/ splinter cannon x 2

Ravager w/ flickerfield

and flickerfields to all the raiders

I like the Trueborn but I feel they are too late. The third Ravager could also be added in early IMO. I think for 2500 the list comes in as too fragile. Your Troops aren't going to kill much at this points level and you haven't got overwhelming firepower. It just feels like a 2000 point list when we look at it like this. I liked the initial list but the scaling wasn't so flash IMO. At 2000 I think something like this:

2x Haemons (give them some combat weapons + liqs)
2x3x Trueborn w/3x Blasters, Venom w/Double Cannon
2x3x Wracks w/Raider
10x Wyches w/2x Shardnets, Hekatrix w/Agoniser, Raider w/flicker, shock prow
2x9x Wyches w/shardnet, Hekatrix w/Venom Blade, Raider w/flicker, shock prow
2x6x Reavers w/2x Heat lances
3x Ravagers

Totals: 1939 points
10 vehicles
55 infantry

You've got some points to play around with as well so you could potentially up the Trueborns (even make one a Carbine terror but it would be a big target for your opponents), add combat stuff to the Haemonculus, clusters to the Reavers, expand the Wracks, etc. You could also use the points to change one of the Wrack squads to a Warrior squad like you have in the original list for the Duke to sit with.

For 1500: I'd drop the Haemons, a ravager, the Wracks and the Warrior squad.

For 2500: I'd change the Ravagers to Razorwings and another Trueborn and Wych squad.

I would appreciate any ideas or comments



Again, I liked the original list but I think the scaling was an issue. From 1500 to 2000 the first thing I would of done was add the Trueborn in Venoms and go from there.

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