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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

3++ Dice - a Conundrum

So I've hit a brick wall in regards to 3++ dice. I haven't found anywhere that is willing to do 12mm dice with the three pip customised (i.e. changed to a 3++). Companies I have found which do this are generally outrageously priced (like $3/die). If anyone can find a company willing to do this, please send me their contact details. If that doesn't happen though what we need to decide is how else to differentiate them.

A Kirby picture is the obvious choice but I would like to not be sued by Nintendo so that's out really. We could do the 3++ on the one or six side of the die and perhaps try to generate a logo for that (circle with 3++ in the middle)? But that's me all out of ideas! So if anyone has any suggestions (or again, company information) please discuss away.

I'm still working on securing other 3++ merchandise like t-shirts, tape measures, objectives, dice bags/mats and stuff (anything else you guys are interested in?) so information regarding sources for these would also be welcomed.

Cheers for the help guys and remember I'm going to attempt to do all of this as close to cost as possible to simply fund web-hosting for 3++.

P.S. Could always do something like at the top of this post...though not sure on what grounds I stand legally with a white text outline...

Goatboy also whipped this up based on the Commissar hat...

And this based on a 'Kirby skull'. This would be easier to insert a 3++ into it but as Lauby said, there might end up confusion if there is a 3++ and a 3 pip...

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