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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Email in: GK Terminators and Techmarines?

"Hey Kirby

Just wanted to say thanks for running your blog - I really find it informative and I'm sure to check it every day. A great place to pick up new ideas in a friendly environment!

Anyways, I've been considering running a Grey Knights Terminator-heavy list - preferrably just Terminators as troops, in the 1500 (or maybe 2000) point range. I know your not a big fan of the GK Terminators, but I've been trying to think of how this could work.

Basically, I started with the idea of a deep striking list - using a Libby with teleport homer as a safety net, and perhaps also a GK Master or Captain to bring everything down safely by turn 3 (through Psychic Communion). I toyed with Mordrak but basically think he's a bit pricey and moved away from that idea.

I would also like to run 1-2 Dreadknights with the list, as I think they mesh nicely with Terminators. Again, I know that many think they are not the most sound choice but at 130 they are reasonable value I think.

Finally, what about running a Techmarine with a GKT squad? That idea really appeals to me - they can add so much close combat potential to the unit - but sadly they can't deep strike and there is no option for giving them TDA...

Any thoughts of how a list like this could be made, and if possible how such a list could be played? Although my original thought was to run the list all Deep Striking, the more I'm thinking about the Techmarine idea I'm moving towards deployed the army on the table instead...

Cheers for any advice


The Grey Knight codex really made Techmarines useful. They are expensive but bring some awesome grenades which can really improve the combat ability of units. GKT units in combat are looking to wipe units out before they get to strike back but are still shooting units first. Remember that.

A core of GKT + Dreadknights I think is fine. I'd go with a Librarian as your HQ to provide things like Shrouding, Sanctuary and Summoning as well as powers like Might and Quicksilver to improve the ability of GKT in combat. From there you can add Techmarines for improved combat punch, Paladins for a better GKT unit and Interceptors for more bodies and increased mobility.

Let's start off with a base of a Librarian with 3 skulls and the five powers above, two full GKT units with double psycannons, two hammers, eight halberds and psybolt ammo and two bare bone Dreadknights. This comes to 1390 points. We'll add in two small Interceptor squads at 155 each (psycannon + MC hammer) which takes us to 1700 and then look towards our Techmarines. A techmarine with Rad and psykotroke grenades costs 115 points so we'll take two and have already hit 1930 points. Let's check it out:

Libby w/Quicksilver, Summoning, Shrouding, Sanctuary, Might, 3x Skulls
2x Techmarine w/Rad, Psykotroke grenades
2x10x GKT w/2x psycannons, 8 halberds, 2 hammers, psy bolt ammo
2x5x Interceptors w/psycannon, MC hammer
2x Dreadknight

With 70 points to spare we can add in Heavy Incinerators on the Dreadknights or grab an Inquisitor with Psychic Communion/TDA/psycannon/etc. The Techmarines make the GKT more effective in combat but aren't a necessity in this list. The aforementioned Inquisitor could run the same role of Grenade slinger for much cheaper (but you only get one) and you could use the excess points to get another DK, Interceptor or GKT squad. Personally I would look to do this if I were going the more competitive route but if you're set on Techmarines that's fine as well.

To scale this down you'd need to drop a techmarine and turn one of the GKT squads into a 5-man squads instead of 10-man.

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