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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Email in: Pure Grey Knight Help Please

"Hey Kirby,

I have been reading your blog great work please keep it up.

I was wondering if you can help me I am tinkering with my pure Grey Knights lists. I have read Hero’s blog also but was wondering if you could give me your thoughts on my most recent list.




Venerable Dread 2 x Autocannon Psybolt


10 man GKSS 2 x Psycannon 7 x Halberds Daemon Hammer Rhino
10 man GKSS 2 x Psycannon 7 x Halberds Daemon Hammer Rhino

Fast Attack 

5 man GKIS Psycannon

Heavy Support 

Dread Knight Teleporter Heavy Incin
Dread Knight Teleporter Heavy Incin
Dreadnought 2 x Autocannon Psybolt

This is 1750 pts as that is the normal tourny pts in UK.

The idea is this put scout on Dread Knights and Interceptor Squad with Dread Knights getting priority depending on the roll.

If I get first turn 12” shunt them, if going second flank them in. In both instances deepstrike Mordrak into cover near some armour you want him to pop with his hammer next turn.

The interceptors just remain over 12” away from stuff peppering them with shoots just to annoy and distract my opo.

The Dread Knights will be taking the brunt of damage early on but will also be dishing it out while the Dreadnoughts pump away and the rhino’s rumble up so the strike squads are in range with their Psycannons.

Now my game time is limited so what may seem like a good idea (see above) may actually be the worst idea since thinking yellow snow may taste like lemons sorbet and I am not sure how this list would be against other armies.

Any thoughts and comments greatly appreciated.

Many thanks,


Mordrak is not really adding anything to this list other than GM status which you can do with any old Grandmaster. The fact he's not an IC and isn't taking a Ghostly bodyguard means he's really doing nothing. The GKSS shouldn't be buying Halberds. At 5 points a pop making an 1A model I6 is way too expensive and not worth it. A single Interceptor squad is just too easy to get rid of as well. Great units to support Dreadknights in terms of mobility but only one is going to leave them exposed. Then we have the Dreadknights themselves. The shunt punch tactic is very one dimensional. It'll scare nooby opponents who can't put sacrifical units out but anyong with half a brain is going to force those two DKs to charge something useless and then shoot them down next turn. It's great utility to have if someone deploys poorly but it's not a tactic on which you should base your army.

With that in mind you need to streamline your army a lot. Are you going to use the Ghostly bodyguard + 1st turn Deep Strike of Modrak? If so you need to get him the bodyguard and use stuff to help him out in this role but at 1750 points, that's really not feasible in a balanced list. I'd replace him with a generic Grand Master with some grenades instead. Then run three Dreadknights in Heavy Support. You could but teleporters on them to make them faster but that's quite pricey. Instead I'd deep-strike them using servo-skulls and psychic communion from the GM to get them in more reliably and where you want. From there grab two Venerable Dreads with the Psyflemen load-out for anti-tank at range and split the rest of your points amongst GKSS and Interceptor squads. MSU style GKSS might be better off here as you can get the extra firepower of the Razorbacks + more tank chassis but the larger squads obviously add some durability to the army as well.

The problem here then is finding a place for the Grand Master so a foot GKSS squad (or combat squadded squad) or a GKT unit might not go amiss either. In the end something like this:

GM w/Halberd, Rad, Psykotroke, 3x Skulls
2x Ven Psyfles
2x10x GKSS w/2x psycannons, psybolt, MC hammer, Rhino
5x GKT w/psycannon
3x Dreadknight

That's 1820 points so you're going to need to drop somethings such as the Hammers on the GKSS squads and Greandes on the GM. I'm not a huge fan of the list as you don't have a lot of vehicles and bodies on the table or that much firepower but the Dreadknights + GKT make a scary force in combat and it keeps with your original list roughly.

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