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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Army set and heading to bed...

Bed time! I didn't get everything finished obviously and didn't even get to the standard I wanted. Once again it seemed life didn't want me to finish this army, though it was more mundane this time. The power went out and when it came back on, my painting light and blown and whilst attempting to replace it...the wiring broke. >.< Doh! Soldiering on I then ran out of super glue with two guys left and some vehicle tracks lol. Early trip in the morning for some super glue and then off to Event Horizon!

 Here's the army in it's packaged glory. I know I'm not going to get a good paint score with only the blue and bases being done/close to finished so it looks like I'll have to aim for the winning track. With only ~20 games under my belt with the army this will be a tall ask (why did I decide to do this again?) but I'll beat Vince lol. Anyway looking forward to the weekend and enjoy my floor covered with 40k :).

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