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Friday, May 27, 2011

Have a peek... - Grey Knight WIP

This is the most completed of my models (other than the MM servitors aka Marines w/MMs) but obviously needs work on the stormbolter and halberd arm (like that mass of white...) but this is what the majority of my GK will look like heading into Event Horizon. Blue highlighted nicely and everything else colored in with the bases fully spiffed up. I'll hopefully get a chance to make the blades highlighted properly too but not too sure. All vehicles are set and half the infantry done currently and I have a cut off point of 5pm then family time. I'll try and get a really ugly mass photo before the day :P.

Oh and this model is converted, you don't get halberds like that with the GK. I've used an older arm and some greenstuff so it sits smoothly (obviously the halberd has been greenstuffed as well). I must say I have a love hate relationship with the PAGK sprus. On one hand you can make some amazing poses and on the other without some serious modelling work, those poses are very limited to mixing legs up with different arm combinations over a series multiple boxes. That and putting the arms together (I've not pinned them so I can take these guys apart later and paint them up 100% properly).

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