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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Grey Knights and BRB FAQ Thoughts

Wow, that was surprisingly fast and also surprisingly useful, Games Workshop. I actually commend you on this one. Lets' take a look at some of the specifics, shall we?

Grey Knights
You can choose not to exchange a weapon for a Force Weapon when you upgrade your inquisitor to a Psyker. This is actually kinda nice if you've bought him a good ranged weapon and don't plan on CCing anything.

Walkers can score when using Grand Strategy. Not unexpected. Since GK Dreads aren't hanging in midfield as much this isn't a huge deal, but they are resilient, so it's something.

You can't teleport-shunt as part of your Scout move. Awwww. Sorry, everyone who built that army. This is especially weird given that you're allowed to go Flat Out/Turbo-Boost when Scouting (unless you're DA).

Dreadknights work just like Flyrants do. Anyone who wasn't expecting this was basically retarded.

No cover saves against Astral Aim Incinerators. This was pretty RAW anyways, but nice to see they made it clear.

Coteaz's Henchmen take Troop slots, no surprise there. You also can't take them via your Inquisitors, so max of six.

Dreadknights don't double strength for a Doomfist, but do get +1A. Again, this was pretty guessable and very much a RAW interpretation, but it's nice they actually laid it out.

Coteaz can shoot at both a Pod/Spore and the unit that gets out of it (one full set of shots each). Weeeeeeeeeak. That guy did not need even more fancy special bullshit.

Jokaero's bonus to the table roll stick through on the second iteration. Two of them is the optimal number, folks.

You can Polymorphine vehicles in the butt, but you've gotta stay there. Yeah, I said it.

Halberds do nothing for you when you have a "reduced to 1" effect on your initiative- I guess this is a small, marginal benefit for Tyranids and Lash Whips? I'll take it, but that's very weird because it's the opposite of what their Furious Charge ruling implies.

Nemesis Falchions only give +1A and thus are sucky suck suck from Sucktown. Expect to see a lot of these and Psilences cropping up on Ebay.

Psychotroke Grenades getting the "reduced to Ld2" result still works on Stubborn units (and against Orks.) This is a fairly important precedent because it clarifies that Stubborn only affects penalties to the test, not changes to your Leadership value.

Servo-skulls can't reduce unreduceable scatter. Derp a derp derp.

Oh what the butt. Burst Cannons and all Pulse weapons are "Plasma" for the purposes of the Plasma Syphon. Geez, GeeDub, way to kick a codex when it's down.

Base Book

Clarification on the way Dangerous Terrain works. Doesn't change anything, but a lot of people play it wrong.

The effects of a psychic power stack unless it says otherwise. This is secretly part of the GK FAQ (re: Hammerhand), but whatevs.


I really don't like the Plasma Syphon ruling because it fantastically screws up Tau if you bring one ("Basically your whole army is BS1 now, hooray!") but aside from that it's pretty solid. Released in what may be record time, answers all of the important questions, all in all a good FAQ. They also seemed to be organizing the BRB FAQ a bit with headers for different sections? That's kinda nice.

Here's to hoping for more good work like this in the future and that they will go back and fix some of the more redonkulous ones from the past *COUGHCOUGHTYRANIDSCOUGH*.

Incidentally, picked up a Finecast jump pack Chappy today. No visible flaws or bending, no bubbles, only a small amount of flash and mold lines, all easy to remove. Of the others in the store, only one (Terminator Librarian) had any noticable problems, and even those were relatively small. Guess my store got a good batch.

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