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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Email in: 2500 White Scars/Raven Guard, an army in review

"Hey Kirby,

Been reading your blog for a couple of months now, and I really enjoy it. I'll be the first to admit that I'm not a real competitive list builder. Usually fluff themes are the basis, then building and painting challenges and finally making the list competitive. I know it's a bad habit, but since I never really run in the tournament circuits I don't worry about it. That being said I decided to enter 'Ard boys this year for the first time ever! Never played in one of these before because I end up being the judge for it for my local hobby store. And on top of all of that I barely have time to play due to work nowadays so the army I'll be running will probably only get a couple of trial games. Which is a handicap because I love armies thats full of tricks.

The theme for this army was the book "Hunt for Voldurious" So it's gonna be a mix of White Scars and Raven Guard, which means bikes, sneaky and full of surprises. This army will run both Khan and Shrike, not great idea but that's the main sacrifice that I'm making for fluff. Both are decent commanders today and making my entire army fleet is a pretty mean addition. So here we go;

Khan w/ Moondrakken 205
Shrike 195

Command squad; 315
Vet w/ Thunder Hammer, Melta SS
Vet w/ Melta, Lightning claw, SS
Vet w/ Bolt Pistol, CCW
Champ w/ Power weapon, CS
Apoc as himself

Squad 1- 8 Bikes 1 Attack bike w/ Power fist, 2x melta, Multi Melta 310
Squad 2- 8 Bikes 1 Attack bike w/ Power fist, 2x melta, Multi Melta 310
Squad 3- 8 Bikes 1 Attack bike w/ Power fist, 2x Plasma, Multi Melta 320
Squad 4- 4 Bikes 1 Attack bike w/ Power fist, 2x Plasma, Multi Melta 220
5 Scout w/ Power Fist and CCWs 100

Dreadnought w/ 2x Twin Linked Autocannon 125
Dreadnought w/ 2x Twin Linked Autocannon 125

Fast Attack
2 Landspeeder Typhoon 180
Landspeeder Storm 50
4 Scout Bikers w/ Power fist, 3 Grenade Launchers, 145


So the Riflemen, Scouts, Storm, and Scout bikers all make up the Raven Guard Contingent, and the rest is the Scars. I'm thinking about droping the Scout bikers to add an assault squad for shrike to run around with, as that's what I feel I'm missing, Well anyway, I think you get the idea. So let me know what you think. I know it's not gonna stand up to tournament list very well, but I fell like it do have a lot of surprises to throw around and a few first turn assaults.

Thanks a lot
-Malachy Kronberg"

Some decent ideas here but as you said, not perfectly competitive with the fluff restraint in mind. Here are my recommendations in keeping with that theme. I'd drop the Storm and don't bother with CC scouts. They are just blah. Rather I'd prefer to see the scouts act as fire support and backfield objective holders. Pretty sure that would still fit within the Raven Guard fluff (they are scouts!). Remember though, infiltrate and outflanking aren't always working these 'Ard Boyz (which is dumb but hey) so knowing that you can just deploy these guys on an objective is nice to have.

I'd also echo your sentiment of exchanging the Scout Bikers for an Assault Squad. Whilst Vanilla ASM are pretty meh without meltaguns or being Troops, they do give Shrike a nice place to hang out and hide. The problem again here is you are not going to get maximum use out of his infiltrate ability thanks to dumb scenarios. With the spare FA slot I'd look to get more Speeders, specifically Typhoons, to increase your ranged output and saturation. If you're not going first make sure you reserve these.

Then to the Bikes... without combat tactics you really want PFists on all squads which you have but the plasma isn't as awesome. You have fast moving platforms so melta is a great bargain and whilst Gets Hot! is rare, killing your expensive Bikes sucks. I'd rather see the Command Squad on Bikes (is it even on Bikes?)  and if you want plasma put it there. They at least get 3+/FNP against Gets Hot! and with Khan are very scary in combat. Make sure to give them things like Lightning Claws and Storm Shields.

The problem here becomes Fleet isn't going to do much for your Bikes, you don't want them fleeting you want them shooting! But then outflank isn't super awesome since it has restricted use in 'Ard Boyz and you cannot re-roll sides regardless. If you are fine with this restriction (i.e. having Fleet only on the ASM squad really), all is well :). The core of lots of Bikes + Command Squad, Typhoons and Dreads will stand you well so you really want to make Shrike/Raven Guard support this an a so-so combat unit (ASM) and scoring backfield guys (Scouts) is a great way to do this.

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