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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Email in: 'Ard Boyz Tyranids

Black Sheep

This list isa reserve/ null zone type.

== HQ ==
Hive Tyrant - Lash Whip And Bonesword, Heavy Venom Cannon, Armored Shell, Paroxysm, Leech Essence, Hive Commander = 260 pts.

== Elites ==
8 x Ymgarl Genestealer Brood = 184 pts.

The Doom Of Malan'tai Brood (130 pts.)
The Doom Of Malan'tai
Mycetic Spore

2 x Hive Guard Brood = 100 pts.
== Troops ==

Tyranid Warrior Brood (315 pts.)
5 x Tyranid Warrior - Deathspitter, Lash Whip And Bonesword, Toxin Sacs
Mycetic Spore

13 x Genestealer Brood - Toxin Sacs = 221 pts.

Tyranid Warrior Brood (100 pts.)
2 x Tyranid Warrior - Devourer, Scything Talons
1 x Tyranid Warrior - Barbed Strangler,.

21 x Hormagaunt Brood - AG, Toxin Sacs = 210 pts.

== Fast Attack ==

5 x Ravener - Rending Claws, Deathspitter = 225 pts.

== Heavy Support ==
Trygon Prime - , AG, 250 pts.
Trygon Prime - AG, 250 pts.
Trygon Prime - AG, 250 pts.
== Total ==
2495 pts.

Alright, a bunch of issues. Your list is trying to go reserves, but your Tyrant has neither Wings nor a set of Guard to protect it- it's basically going to walk onto the board and get munched immediately. Worse yet, you only have one reserve bonus in a 2500 list- if you want to be trying this, you REALLY need to have the Swarmlord to boot so you're coming in on a 2+ initially, because otherwise you're likely to have a bunch of your army missing.

The Hive Guard and other non-reserve portions of the army... we'll get to that.

Deathspitters on melee Warriors is really just costing you an extra 5pts; you also should be running a heavy weapon in the large squad to take advantage of wound allocation.

Deathspitters on the Raveners are probably going to be mediocre at best; it's not something I've played around with, but they're BS3 and want to be running a lot; you're probably not going to get as many chances to use them effectively as you'd like. Spinefists, being twin-linked and getting an extra shot, are better against infantry targets (and no one is going to call you on the substitution, since most people know nothing about Tyranid guns.)

The Hormagaunts are... eh. I've never liked "Ubergaunts." Too expensive for a T3/6+ unit that needs Synapse.

Lastly, you aren't hurting for Synapse coverage, so the upgrade to Primes on all your Trygons is a bit puzzling. One or perhaps two of them, maybe, but three is just excessive.

I know this is not a normal list for Nids and some people do not see the synergy with the units.

I built the army to have two parts in it a small scoring and defense part The small warrior squad and the hive guard work together. The rest of the army is to strike the opponent hard. This usually gives my opponent few options but to deal with them or lose his objective. By that time he has dealt with them, if he could, it is usually on turn 5 with only a few units that can try to deal with them.

As the list starts off the table in deep strike, outflank, and walks on the table.

Splitting your army in half is a bad plan, I'll just say that straight up. It's fine to have scoring and offensive components, but your scoring components will have trouble making it to the objectives if they reserve (since they only move 6+d6" per turn) and if they don't reserve, they will get blown to smithereens by the enemy guns. That's true in normal games as well, but at 'Ard Boyz, with the ridiculous amounts of firepower on the table, it's even more true.

Mission 1 do you think the traitor can join the warriors in a pod.. hehehe I think not, but it would be nice. The traitor will go with the gaunts in the back somewhere out of trouble.

DERP, I was wrong, he can't because GW hates Tyranids. Our transports don't count as transports!

Mission 2 is a concern but i think i can get the two objective on my table edge for 3 points. The main goal I think it to contest the one in the center.(Taking it would be nice but i think it would be hard with this list.) i have a feeling that mission is going to have a lot of draws and minor victories.

I definitely agree that mission two will be a struggle for you- you don't have a strong scoring presence, nor a strong offensive force. You don't have much AT, either, so expect to see people Tank Shock onto your objectives.

Mission 3 i am I have a 260 extra kill points for the tyrant. yikes but i will have to cope.

This one is going to hurt you a lot, because your Tyrant is very vulnerable and gives up a lot of VP very easily.

I will be brutally honest: this is not really a good list. I realize not everyone has the insane number of models needed to play 2500pts with an ideal list, but I think you are really going to be hurting if you choose to play. Not that you shouldn't- I mean, it's free and hopefully there's a location pretty near by you, so it's not like you're really losing anything. But understand that you're going to have an uphill fight to win, and getting through the semifinals is probably going to be all but impossible.

You do have some options for improving the list, stuff I mentioned initially aside. Swap the Hive Guard (or possibly the Doom) for some Zoanthropes in a Spore. Zoeys are basically the reserve list's answer to tanks, and while they may not be the amazing ultra-killers Hive Guard are when it comes to light transports, they CAN still kill them and they do a real number of the heavy battle tanks that many people (mistakenly) bring to 'Ard Boyz.

With that done (I will assume you dropped the Doom, so you have a Spore to use) and dropping the Prime upgrade from two of the Trygons as well as the 'Spitters from the Warriors and downgrade the Raveners to Spinefists, you have a few points left over. Drop Armored Carapace from the Tyrant as well and I believe one of the Hormagaunts and you should have just enough to afford a pair of Tyrant Guard, which will drastically boost your Tyrant's survivability despite removing Carapace.

With those changes, I still don't think it's a great list, but it's more functional, at least. In any case, good luck with the Prelims, and be thankful for the scenarios being reasonably kind of melee armies this time around!

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