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Friday, September 16, 2011

We Have Come For You (Again)!

Hey pinkies, so as I mentioned before, update for my beloved NLs, few days before EL and I've got everything finished. So 3v5 Devs with 4 MLs and a foot priest. Oh and since a few people are bound to ask (maybe!), the ghetto devastators are made from using a CSM guy, his bolter holding arms, a SM vehicle accessory hunter killer missile body (without the bling) and a CSM vehicle accessory daemonic barrel thingo that you put at the end of your HBs and lascannons... Quite pleased with them tbh.

Basically, you want to replace the boltgun of the marine with a missile launcher. Glue the ML at an angle to try and replicate the actual ML holding arms and then add the other arm as support for the ML as you would for a bolter normally. Then, I just added some chains and other stuff to add to the NL theme all the while trying to hide the gap that sort of appears between the right arm and the missile launcher connection point. Its fairly easy to do and if you have lots of HKMs lying around and not enough devastators, this is a good way to make some more :)

Anyway, haters lament, the Night Lords have come for you again :P

Devs 1

Devs 2 with Priest

Devs 3

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