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Monday, February 28, 2011

We Have Come For You!

Good news, everybody. /Farnsworth. I've finished painting the last of the Night Lords (count as Blood Angels Jumpers)! Posted up is just a teaser pic, if you want to check them out in all their scary (boo) glory, click on either of the two links below!

or you know, Kirby will edit and put them up here rather than making people go elsewhere *eyeroll.* Vince's list is based upon the pure Jumper army I put together a while ago with Libby, 5x HG, 2x Priest, 30x ASM and 2x VV squads. Enjoy.

Honor Guard (Chosen):

Assualt Marines (Raptors):

Sanguinary Priests (Night Lord Apothecaries): 

Vanguard Veterans (Chosen):

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