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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Email in: Grey Knights henchmen squad: Chimera or Razorback?


Long time follower of the blog it is the best of its kind. I am currently stationed in Afghanistan and unfortunatly seperated from my toy soldiers. This however does not stop my list building! Before I deployed I was playing a very mixed daemonhunters force using mostly my old models with the new dex. I had come to find that the psybolt razorback was much more reliabe then chimeras, but both have pros and cons depending on what is inside. Using cheap 3 man warriors squads was great but it left me feeling bored. So I decided to make my troop choices more than just a transport, I wanted squads with teeth. This is roughly the list I came up with:


xenos inquisitor w/ gear

3x 5 man purifier squads: 3x halberds, 2x psycannons in each w/ psybolt razorbacks

2x 3 servitors w/ heavy bolters each in chimeras (Inquisitors go here)

4x 3x DCA, 3x crusaders, 2x warriors w/ meltaguns in psybolt razorbacks

3x psybolt rifle dreads

Tons of dakka, high initiative all around, with a small bit of spam.

I originally wanted to add monkeys to my inquisitor heavybolter squads but couldnt seem to find the points. I dont remeber the points amount off hand but I know that it is less than 2000 which is my goal.The only issue I have with the list are the transports. With the razorback I get an un- stunnable, reliable platform. Although it has one less front armor value, it has three exit points which would make assaults easier to achieve. The chimera on the other hand is av 12, has 2 guns (I was considering using the Heavy flamer and multi laser; heavy bolter multi lasers on the inquistors rides) and most important of all has a firing point. With the firing point I can keep the four squads safe while I pop tanks, then next turn hopefully disembark and assault. With the razorbacks I will be exposed a turn and could possibally lose the whole squad thanks to bad armor saves. Anyways what is your take on the situation? Chimera or razorback? I would like to fit in 3 melta warriors in each squad but couldn't fine the points. I didn't like using purifiers in past lists but in this list they seemed to fit nicely, I could always switch them for venerable dreads but that seriously limits my anti- infantry. Any suggestions would be great! I have been dreaming about this army for months and just cant decide on what vehicles I need to buy when I get home.



Chimeras have a couple major weaknesses in Grey Knights armies - side AV10 plus rear hatch only. In terms of allowing more than two units to fire out of them and providing an AV12 wall they are great but in an army where they are only a few and the rest of the vehicles have Fortitude, that AV10 can often come into play and they are likely to be shot first regardless. What I would do here is make these units capable of sitting outside the transports (i.e. add in some Jokaero and Acolytes for ablative wounds) and stick them in cover. Force your opponent to shoot them and with enough cheap Acolytes, they are pretty durable at range. You then have two extra transports to do with as you will (i.e. Psybacks or LasPlas RBacks). This can also free up Coteaz to go with some of the Purifiers and not force him to babysit some Servitors.

I'm not a fan of the DCA+Crusaders+Meltacos in the Razorbacks either, particularly since they are 8 strong and only six members can fit in a Razorback. I'd just leave them as Acolytes and give them three meltaguns each with the excess Acolytes being ablative wounds. If you want a DCA-style unit for more punch grab one unit and put them in a Rhino (Coteaz/Xenos Inq can go here) rather than spreading them out in each squad.

With regards to charging from vehicles without assault ramps - don't jump out before you can charge. Move the transport into position to charge next turn where the unit can jump out of the stationary tank and then move and assault. It's easier to avoid without fleet/12"move/12"assault but far less risky and can force your opponent to abandon certain areas, etc.

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