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Thursday, October 13, 2011

What's Up With Events?

I really believe in listening to the community.

While I've been working on Feast stuff, I've taken a lot from what I hear around the internet. Ideas on how tournaments should be run, ideas on how missions layouts should be, what people look for in an event and what people absolutely hate.

There's tons of opinions and it's impossible to please everyone. Still, there are definitely good and bad ways of going about things.

I want to open the floor to you guys to really ask questions about why events are the way they are. While designing the missions for Feast, I was directly and indirectly involved with almost every aspect of the event planning. I can say that I was witness, at least, to every aspect. Despite what people seem to think, there are good reasons for why things are laid out the way they are.

So ask away, and I'll be down in the comments. I won't be insulted by anything you have to say. Feel free to email me questions as well, and I'll post them up here if they're good without your name. If you've ever wondered "why do events do x?" now is the time to ask.

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